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2021 Disney Halloween Books: Maleficent & Big City Greens Blood Moon

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Halloween will be here soon! Disney Books generously sent over a collection of 2021 Halloween children’s books to review. Read on for my full review of maleficent and Big City Greens Blood Moon!

disney books halloween maleficent

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Maleficent tells readers about a day in the life of an evil fairy, just in time for Halloween. It’s no surprise that she has fun scaring everyone around her, to the best of her ability. This is the second title in an all-new Level 1 World of Reading series that features Disney Villains. The first book features the Queen of Hearts, and a story about the Evil Queen is coming soon.

World of Reading 1 MALEFICENT REVIEW

World of Reading Level 1 books encourage children are one step below chapter books. With the release of Villains Maleficent, Disney Books is clearly prepping for the Halloween season. In Maleficent, the devious fairy explains what she does each day and how much power she has. She can control birds to scare other characters (shoutout to the Merryweather cameo!)

Maleficent crashes a party that the King is holding, makes some trouble and then kidnaps the Prince! In the end, Maleficent muses that she doesn’t necessarily want to go to any of the parties at the palace, she just wants to be invited to them which is honestly the most relatable things I’ve read in awhile. Maleficent is perfect for beginning readers who want a cheeky story for Halloween!

disney books halloween blood moon


Cricket and Tilly are excited for their first Halloween in Big City. When a spooky blood moon turns their farm animals into zombies, will their night of fun be threatened? Find out in this retelling of the series’ popular Halloween episode. Come celebrate Halloween with Cricket Green, Tilly, Remy Remington and more!


Big City Greens Blood Moon is a take on the Blood Moon episode from the hit Disney show. Cricket and Tilly are excited to trick or treat but their Gramma reminds them that a Blood Moon isn’t nothing to laugh at. When the evening kicks off, the Blood Moon turns the farm animals into zombies and Cricket and family need to figure out how to escape the house and avoid the zombified animals!

Blood Moon is is for beginner readers that are ready for books with longer paragraphs and also for Big City Greens fans. The illustrations seem to be taken directly from the show which isn’t a bad thing, the characters are easily to identify. The book includes some fun thought bubbles and other helpful words to show what’s happening in several photos. Big City Greens Blood Moon is another fun Disney Book for Halloween perfect for readers that are out of the Level books!


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