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4 Rules for Decluttering a Kitchen!

It’s a new year!  Do you have the itch to clean out because of the Marie Kondo show on Netflix?  I was so inspired that I tackled my kitchen.  I don’t have a hoarding problem but I kept telling myself that there were areas in my house that I needed to organize.  But when I went to do it, I quickly got bored and walked away. The kitchen pantries and spice racks were two areas where I literally couldn’t find stuff that I KNEW I had.  I spent an entire weekend cleaning, purging, organizing and wanted to share a few rules for decluttering a kitchen!


Rule 1.  Start small

Do you tend to get overwhelmed with tackling a large space?  Choose a small project, even if it’s one drawer or cabinet.  Get through that particular space first.  For me, it was the spice rack.  The spice rack is pretty narrow but that meant that things were just crammed in it!  I found 10 (yes 10) expired spice canisters.  Yuck! 

Below is the before and after of our spice rack.  We kept our staples and got rid of the stuff we hadn’t touched in awhile (how many muffin cups did I really need??)

decluttering a spice rack

Rule 2.  Take all the clutter out

Grab armfuls if you have to and deposit everything in one area so you can see what you have. Once everything is removed take in how much empty space you have.  Envision that space as an organized place where you can find exactly what you need. 

Does that space have dividers or new contact paper to cover the surface?  Is it appropriate spot for the items you are storing?  Can you use that particular space to store something else?  Don’t be afraid to break out a pen and paper to sketch out what you want it to look like!

Rule 3.  Get rid of unnecessary items

My rule is if I haven’t touched it in a year it goes.  Period.  This was hard in the past because I found that I was having emotional attachment to things. I realized that I had too much kitchen items and while most might not have an emotional attachment, I figured I’d need something eventually.  The problem was that I was using that thinking to hold onto too many items! 

Here is a good example. Below is a view of our messy pantry.  I tackled it by storing my seasonal Rae Dunn and paring down our party supplies.  Some paper plates and utensils are necessary but I had way too many (thanks Target clearance!) 

Rule 4. Donate to an organization that can actually use your items!

I like to reach out to local places like shelters or temporary housing organizations! Usually at least one or two local places can take my items.  Think in terms of people who are trying to get back on their feet!  Items like towels, pots, pans and appliances in good condition are appreciated by organizations or families who are transitioning into new housing.

Decluttering a kitchen can seem like a huge undertaking but with these rules for decluttering a kitchen, you can take on small spaces at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed!

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