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4 Surprising Things about The Lion King Movie

Attending The Lion King premiere was the opportunity of a lifetime and I made sure to take in everything the event had to offer!  The Lion King movie itself was a beautiful masterpiece.  Right when the iconic music kicks off, you know it’s going to be a special experience.  Overall I really enjoyed taking a trip back to the Pride Lands through the eyes of Director Jon Favreau.  Here are 4 surprising things about The Lion King! 

The Lion King is SO Realistic

The Lion King is very realistic which means some of the death scenes felt a little too real.  Mufasa’s final scenes are devastating and might be too much for kids to handle.  The movie also beautiful captures the colors of the Savanna, the golds oranges and greens that encompass the Pride Lands.  The animals are also incredibly realistic but forget about their faces emoting all the drama of the original movie.  It just isn’t the same.

Florence Kasumba as Shenzi

Florence Kasumba’s silky smooth voice just oozes danger and I really liked the introduction of this character in the movie.  She is just as power hungry as Scar but in a different way.  Her goal is to have her hyena pack run the pride lands and have as much to eat as they want.  Her character is dangerous and her main goal is the survival of her hyena pack through any means possible.  Florence Kasumba was made this role and it’s a great contrast to the silliness of Azizi and Kamari!

The Comedy Duo of Azizi and Kamari

Speaking of the duo of Azizi and Kamari, they are so funny and even mores than the original animated movie.  In the press  junket both Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner said they were even able to record together so it was easy to riff off each other.  Their comedy is one of the best things about this movie and a welcome respite from the sadness of Mufasa’s death.   


4 surprising things about the Lion King SCAR

Chiwetel Ejiofor is perfect as Scar.  Scar is moody, dramatic, and just the right amount of sinister for this movie.  He is hungry for power and control of the entire Pride Lands, and is diabolical enough to try to get it.  The CGI is great on Scar, he slinks and flops around with a dramatic edge that matches his personality! I also loved the his version of the song, Be Prepared-in fact it’s my favorite song of the film after the opening theme!

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The Lion King releases on July 19, 2019. 



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