Things Minimalists Do Everyday

Waking up one day and making the decision that you were going to become a minimalist doesn’t just happen overnight. Growing up around clutter and realizing that as an adult, I couldn’t love in a space with tons of items or clutter.  It was a huge realization that clutter contributed to my personal anxiety.  I’d find it hard to concentrate, piles of papers or stuff made me annoyed and when I couldn’t find something I knew was in the house, my entire day would be thrown off.  

That’s when I knew, it was time to simplify. It was time to have a different mindset. Here are 5 things that minimalists do everyday to help them live a more rewarding life.   

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#1. They Choose to Live Simpler

Being a minimalist means that you aren’t concerned about material things. You don’t have to have the most expensive car in the neighborhood with the amazing speaker system. Minimalists are content with having the basic essentials.

The same goes for what the inside of your house looks like. Keep it simple by getting rid of all the clutter. If you plan on moving in the future, this will also make the process quicker and less strain on everyone. You might be wondering, what does that LOOK like in the real world? Well for us, we tend to spend our hard earned money on trips and family travel.

#2. Only Buying the Things They Need

Minimalists only make purchases that make sense. I will say this is something that I still struggle with.  Target clearance sales are so hard for me to resist, but now I stick to buying items that I can gift or donate. 

In general, minimalists don’t go out and try to gratify a craving for the newest toy that hit the market. They are not interested in the newest iPhone that takes better pictures. While there’s nothing wrong with having toys and hobbies (in fact, many minimalists do have these), minimalists don’t look to them for purpose in life.

#3. Borrow Instead of Buying

Another trait that many minimalists have, is that they borrow certain things instead of buying everything. This goes for movies, books, tools, furniture and anything else you can think of. That way, when you’re finished with these items, you can return them after they’ve served their purpose. 

For example, books are my weakness but I borrow from the library and download books off Amazon.  If I truly love a book, I will buy a hard copy to re-read, but this is only in my very favorite novels.  My coffee table holds a few books that my guests and I absolutely love to flip through again and again!

#4. Avoids Debt and Unnecessary Purchases

Minimalists hate debt. If you have a habit for unnecessary purchases or adding on debt to your resume, this might be a challenge. Only make purchases on things that you can afford. Let me say it again, don’t take on more debt and do your best not to buy stuff that you cannot afford.

minimalists do everyday

#5. Giving is More Rewarding Than Obtaining

Having a minimalist approach will give you a different outlook on life and the way you treat others . You will discover that giving is more rewarding than obtaining. Instead of holding things close to you, make the decision to be a giving person to those that are in need. This will give your life a deeper meaning and satisfaction by caring for those around you.

These are the things minimalists do everyday to maintain their simplified lifestyle. This might be a drastic overhaul in your thinking process, if you’re looking to make this a lifestyle for you, but it can be done. What are things that you need to work on as an individual to reach some of these lifestyle pointers?


minimalists do everyday

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