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A Week Away Movie Review: Christian Campers Sing and Dance

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Looking for a feel good family movie for a pandemic movie night in? Read on for a full movie review of Netflix’s A Week Away.

The movie studio offered a free preview movie screener however all thoughts and opinions my own.


A Week Away is the first faith-based musical of its kind. Troubled teen Will Hawkins (Kevin Quinn) has a choice to make – go to juvenile detention or attend a Christian summer camp. While at camp, and with the help of his music, new friends and love interest (Bailee Madison), he learns the healing powers of kindness, forgiveness, and faith can be found in the most unlikely of places.


After a series of bad decisions, Will Hawkins (Kevin Quinn) is sent away to a Christian camp to get a second chance at turning his life around. Initially skeptical, Will quickly changes his mind once the choices are clear: either pack his bag for camp or head off to juvie. So being the smart summer child he is, Will heads off to camp with cheerful Kristin (Sherri Shepherd) and her kind son George (Jahbril Cook.)

a week away movie review

Predictably, Will doesn’t think he fits in but he does start crushing on Avery (Bailey Madison) and the two fall for each other in between singing and dancing sequences. Think ‘High School Musical’ in the woods and that’s what ‘A Week Away‘ really turns out to be. Most of the musical scenes involve teens jumping on tables and pumping their fists, and references to God and faith are talked about in general terms. The movie doesn’t quite smack you over the head with a Bible but the references to faith are there.

One surprising feature of this film? The gorgeous cinematography. The scenes around sunset are truly beautiful as is the setting of the camp in the woods. If you have to watch two teens declare their feelings to each other (and to God), at least you have a pretty setting to watch it in! Although some of the dialogue is cringe inducing, the leads are likable, the music catchy and ‘A Week Away’ adds to the feel good family movie selections in Netflix’s offerings.

Rating: 3/5 stars


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