Activities for Kids in San Juan Bautista

San Juan Bautista is such a cute little town near the central coast of California.  It’s known for having one of the oldest missions in California.  Nearly every kid who grows up in Northern California makes the trek out to see Mission San Juan.  San Juan Bautista is a small town about an hour drive south from San Jose.  This charming little town has such a friendly vibe.  Tucked away in some foothills, it feels like you are so far away from big city life. There is so much to explore especially with children. Here are some activities for kids in San Juan Bautista!

activities for kids in San Juan Bautista

1.  Visit the Mission SAN JUAN BAUTISTA

Number fifteen out of the twenty-one Spanish missions in California, Old Mission San Juan Bautista was founded over two centuries ago in 1797. The Mission is a space that is perfect for children to explore.  There is a rose garden, large lawn, and a great opportunity to learn more about California history.  Admission is $4 which makes it a really affordable excursion for the family.

2.  Snack at Margot’s Ice Cream Parlor

No trip to San Juan Bautista is complete without a stop at Margot’s.  The staff is really nice and they have some really unique flavors like avocado with chocolate, and blue ice cream with cookie dough and oreos.

activities for kids san juan bautista

3.  Pick out a Gem at Tops A Rockshop

The owner of Rock Shop is so very kind and welcoming to visitors including children!   This store has beautiful stones, rocks, and gems. The selection is amazing and we all found a small trinket to bring with.

4.  Visit the Historic Hotel in San JUAN BAUTISTA

The historic hotel is such a fun site for kids!  Plan to spend a couple hours to see everything, more if you like to take your time.  There are carriages, Adobe buildings, the original hotel and saloon, the jail, living quarters, workshop, along with the mission itself.  The admission is separate from the admission for the Mission but equally affordable.

On a chilly Monday morning the area was pretty deserted.  There are usually schools on field trips at the mission but since Monday is a downtime where several businesses are closed, it was quiet with not many visitors.  The first thing we did was let the kids explore the Mission and the large grass field.  We walked around the small rose garden and peeked into the windows of the deserted hotel.   The kids walked down the steps to check out the site of the San Andreas fault.  After an hour or so, we headed into the downtown area for lunch and ice cream which is literally two streets over.

Visiting San Juan Bautista was such a fun excursion for us. We had a great day with friends and founds several fun activities for kids in San Juan Bautista. Have you been to the area? Let me know in the comments!

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