Amazing Murals in El Paso

Whether it’s for art appreciation or that perfect instagram background, there are some amazing murals in El Paso. Murals are a newer aspect that cities are embracing, focusing on luring tourists and also promoting local artists. There are always two things my family and I must explore when we visit a new city. Local coffee shops to buy beans and explore the art in the community. Below are the most amazing murals in El Paso, Texas.

1.  Greetings from El Paso

The Greetings from El Paso mural is the 17th mural from Victor Ving and Lisa Beggs who travel across the county painting the signs. Located at the Substation there are plenty of restaurants and shops in this area to explore after you snap a pic there.

When we visited the Substation, they were having a lovely art festival where we were able to purchase some handmade items!

2.  Various Murals on the Time at Monticello Grounds

Time at Monticello is a great area in El Paso simply for the art and architecture. This shopping and eating area is constructed from shipping containers! There are several amazing murals like the Nicholas Danger owl and fox murals outside the bathrooms.

3. Frida Khalo

Located at the La Villita shopping center on Mesa, this Frida Kahlo postage stamp mural has a low butterfly that people can pose in between.

murals in el paso frida
Photo by Joey Chacon

4. Downtown Murals

My favorite murals downtown are the ones on the side of CoffeeBox, and the beautiful lion made of recycled trash made by El Paso students.

Photo from Texas Highway

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