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Aulani Kids Club AKA Aunty’s Beach House

Aulani offers a kids club, otherwise known as Aunty’s Beach House. Kids can explore Hawaiian culture, art and music—with a dash of Disney magic—at this supervised activities club. Aunty’s Beach House is a 5,200-square-foot, state-of-the-art kids club is designed to entertain and delight. Here is what to know about Aulani kids club, also known as Aunty’s Beach House.

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What to Know About Aunty’s Beach House


Aunty’s is usually open from 8-10 pm, but hours are based on seasons and capacity. Aim for 8 am to register your kids and do sign-ups for activities. 8:30-9:30/10 am is an open house so everyone can tour with the kids. At about 9:30 am they start check-in. Aunty’s offers In/out privileges all day but it’s, again, based on capacity.

If you sign up for specific activities/meals, your kids are guaranteed space but those are limited. If the kids club is at capacity when you want to drop your kids off and you don’t have any activity/meal confirmation, you will be turned away. It will open back up once space is available.

Capacity tends to be max on rainy days so plan ahead especially if there is rain in the forecast!

Having this kids club available is a great way for families to save money at Aulani. Parents can feel comfortable leaving kids for a few hours to enjoy resort amenities adults-only without needing to pay a babysitter.

Using Aunty’s Beach House allows parents to indulge in the spa or fine dining experiences at Aulani they may skip if kids were with them. Families save on the costs of kids meals, activities, and entertainment during the times children are kept occupied at the complimentary beach house club.

Taking advantage of Aunty’s Beach House is a great tip for families to enjoy “adult time” and save money during an Aulani vacation.

What is Offered at Aunty’s Beach House?

Aunty’s Beach House has a tv/movie room, a video game room, a large room with tables for crafts and games, a dress-up area, and a play kitchen.

There are theme days with crafts and activities associated with the theme. Kids can choose to participate or not.

Aunty’s also has an enclosed and secure backyard, complete with a large play structure.

Does Aunty’s Offer Premium Experiences?

For an additional fee Aunty’s offers the following:

Kakamora Chaos with Moana
Spend a fun-filled time interacting and playing traditional Hawaiian children’s games with a special guest from across the sea—Moana! Plus, Moana will teach her new friends a game from her home island of Motunui—the Kakamora Relay!

Please Note: This event does not include meals.

SURF’S UP! – A Surfin’, Fishin’ and Dancin’ Party!
Shake a fin and party with some of your favorite Disney Pals with some fun-filled surfing and fishing activities—plus boogie to your favorite surfin’ tunes! Activities include:

  • Play surfing games with Disney Pal
  • Decorate your own mini wooden surfboard
  • Learn about colorful Hawaiian fish with Disney Pal
  • Dance with your Disney Pals

Becoming Sea Creatures
Become acquainted with such fascinating ocean friends as the octopus, crab, sea turtle, clown fish and whale through fun activities—including a visit from ʻOlu Mel.

Please Note: This event does not include meals.

Aulani kids club

Is There a Fee for Aunty’s Beach House?

Aunty’s Beach House is free and has free activities as well as premium activities. If you want your kids to eat meals there, there is an extra charge.

Most activities are complimentary; select premium experiences are available at a fee.

Do I Need a Reservation?

Yes, reservations in advance are required. Upon registration at Aunty’s Beach House, every child will be issued a commemorative keiki band at a charge of $12.95 plus tax.

The Keiki band is your child’s to keep as a fun souvenir, or it can be returned for a full refund (with receipt) before you check out from the Aulani Resort.

Does Aunty’s Beach House Provide Meals?

Yes but for an additional charge.  Lunches and Dinners are $10 per child. When my daughter ate there she said they had a pizza, veggies, and fruit spread plus water and juice.

Can I Leave the Property While My Kids Are at the Aulani Kids Club?

Yes, however, the Aunty’s Beach House staff will ask that you let your child know just in case your child wants to leave. 

Are adults allowed to stay?

Adults are allowed to stay during the open house hours. The rest of the time they are only allowed in the lobby area for pick-up.


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