12 Places Offering the Best Desserts in San Jose, California

For those of us with an insatiable sweet tooth, the pursuit of exceptional confections is a perpetual adventure. Fortunately, within San Jose’s dynamic culinary landscape, a myriad of delectable dessert destinations await. From timeless classics to inventive novelties, the city stands as a haven for anyone in search of the best desserts in San Jose. Let’s dive into the places offering the best desserts in San Jose, California!

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1. Cocola Bakery

Cocola Bakery is a French-inspired bakery located in the Santana Row shopping area in San Jose. Known for its elegant pastries, breads, cakes and desserts, Cocola offers a beautiful selection of baked goods. Signature items include croissants, macarons, eclairs, tarts and petit fours ranging from $2-$5 each. Fresh baguettes and boules sourced from local bakeries are $4-$8. Custom cakes for special occasions start at $40. The bakery also serves coffee and espresso drinks made with locally roasted beans for $3-$5 as well as a small selection of sandwiches and salads for $8-$12. 

Seating is limited to a few small cafe tables inside. Parking is readily available in the Santana Row public garage and street parking. 

With its upscale offerings and focus on French baking techniques, Cocola provides an elegant pastry experience but at premium prices reflective of its Santana Row location.

Address: 333 Santana Row San Jose, CA 95128

2. Willow Glen Creamery

Willow Glen Creamery is a beloved ice cream shop located on Lincoln Avenue in San Jose. This is one of the best dessert places in San Jose because of its premium ice cream made with high-quality, locally sourced ingredients.

The creamery offers over 20 rotating flavors including popular options like cookies & cream, mint chip, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and coffee.

Seasonal flavors like pumpkin pie and eggnog are also offered during the holidays. Ice cream is available in scoops ranging from $3.75 for a single to $6.75 for a triple scoop. 

Specialty sundaes made with mix-ins and toppings run between $8-$12. Milkshakes and floats are around $6-$7. The creamery also serves the popular pineapple Dole Whip soft serve on a rotating basis – either by itself or as part of a Dole Whip float. Part of Willow Glen Creamery’s old-fashioned soda fountain charm is that waffle cones and other ice cream accessories are made in-house daily. 

Willow Glen Creamery photo on Yelp.com

Parking can be tricky with only street parking available on Lincoln Avenue, but there are public parking lots a block or two away for those willing to walk. With its cool sweet treats and nostalgic vibe, Willow Glen Creamery is a popular neighborhood hangout with a loyal following of ice cream lovers in the San Jose area.

3. San Jose Candy Kitchen

San Jose Candy Kitchen is a beloved local candy store located in downtown San Jose. This old-fashioned sweet shop makes a variety of candies, chocolates, and ice cream novelties on-site in small batches using quality ingredients. Their wide selection includes gummies, salt water taffy, jelly beans, assorted chocolates, brittles, caramels, fudges, and specialty candies priced individually from $0.45 up to $4.

Candy is also available by the pound, ranging from $16-$30 depending on the type. One signature item is their chocolate-dipped cheesecake on a stick available in flavors like the original.  They also offer regular slices of cheesecake in the flavors of chocolate chip, strawberry, and turtle for $4 each. 

The store has a nostalgic vibe with tin ceilings and old-school candy counters. Parking can be tricky, but there is a small lot behind the shop with 10 spaces and additional street parking nearby.

San Jose Candy Kitchen is a go-to local spot for artisan candies, chocolates, and sweet treats, as well as specialty gift boxes and baskets perfect for holidays and special occasions.

Address: 200 S 1st St # 60, San Jose, CA 95113

4. Sweet Retreat

Sweet Retreat is an ice cream and frozen yogurt shop in San Jose focused on serving customers delicious treats to-go. They serve up a variety of creamy ice cream flavors, both traditional and unique, as well as tart and tangy frozen yogurts. Ice cream is available in cups or cones with prices starting at $3.75 for one scoop up to $5.75 for two scoops.

Frozen yogurt typically ranges from $5-8 per cup size. Signature ice cream flavors strawberry cheesecake, bubblegum, cookies n’ creme, toasted almond, pistachio, Kona chip, mocha almond fudge, coffee, and guava along with classics like chocolate and mint chip. Rotating seasonal sorbet flavors are also available.

best desserts san jose sweet retreat yogurt and ice cream cups

Frozen yogurt mix-ins like frozen strawberries or pineapple and candy can be added for an additional cost. 

There is just one bench for outside seating with most orders taken to-go. 

Conveniently located in a strip mall, Sweet Retreat has a spacious parking lot making picking up orders a breeze. With its array of traditional and creative flavors, Sweet Retreat is a top spot for grab-and-go frozen treats in San Jose.

Address: 846 Blossom Hill Rd Ste D San Jose, CA 95123

5. Peter’s Bakery

Peter’s Bakery is one of the oldest family-owned bakery located on Alum Rock Ave in east San Jose. Peter’s bakes a wide range of artisan breads, pastries, cakes, and desserts daily on-site. Peter’s sells Mexican wedding cookies, burnt almond cake, cream puffs, strawberry rings, and dinner rolls. Croissants, danishes, muffins, and scones range from $3-$5 each.

Decorated cakes like their famous burnt almond cake for special occasions are priced $40-$75 depending on size and custom details. 

Cookies, brownies, and bars sell for $2-$5 per piece. Seating is limited to a few small tables inside and outside. Street parking is available on Alum Rock Avenue near the bakery. 

Peter’s Bakery is one of the best places to get desserts in San Jose, especially for those wanting fresh baked goods like custom cakes and morning pastries.

Address: 3108 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, CA 95127

6. Charlie’s Cheesecake Works

Charlie’s Cheesecake Works is a bakery café renowned for its signature different flavors of cheesecakes located in Almaden Valley in San Jose. Full cheesecakes are available in a variety of flavors like original, chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, key lime and raspberry and range from $25-$45 depending on size. Charlie’s offers cheesecake poppers which are mini circles of cheesecake that you can just pop in your mouth!  

Kiersten S/ Yelp.com

Charlie’s has a large parking lot so parking shouldn’t be a problem for visiting anytime.

Charlie’s Cheesecake is a local favorite, drawing customers from all over the South Bay area to sample the perfection that is their signature cheesecake. With premium ingredients, friendly service and reasonable prices for exceptional quality.

Address: 1179 Redmond Ave, San Jose, CA 95120

7. CA Bakehouse

CA Bakehouse is a bakery and cafe located in San Jose, California known for their fresh pastries, and desserts. Loaves of bread start at around $5 for varieties like sourdough, whole wheat, and baguettes. Their selection of pastries includes croissants, danishes, muffins, choux pastries (similar to cream puffs) , and Portuguese egg tarts ranging from $2-$5 each. 


Seating includes counter seating and a few tables with street parking available around the bakery. With its array of freshly baked bread, pastries like choux and Portuguese egg tarts, and mochi cakes, CA Bakehouse is a go-to local spot for baked goods, desserts, and value. This traits make CA Bakehouse one of the best places to get desserts in San Jose.

Address: 979 Story Rd Unit 7066 San Jose, CA 95122

8. C Bakery Cafe

C Bakery Cafe is located on West Capitol Expressway in San Jose. This casual cafe bakery is known for its wide selection of freshly baked bread, pastries, cakes, and desserts. Loaves of artisan bread start at $4, with croissants and muffins ranging from $2-$3.50 each. Custom cakes for special occasions are available with prices starting around $30. 

Cookies, bars, and slices of cake sell for $2-4 per serving. Savory items like sandwiches, salads, and quiche are also offered from $6-10. Coffee drinks made with locally roasted beans range from $3 for drip coffee up to $5 for lattes. 

Seating includes counters and a few tables inside the cozy space. Parking is available in the large exterior lot or on surrounding streets. 

With its assortment of baked goods, light meals, and coffee, C Bakery Cafe is a neighborhood favorite for San Jose residents. The prices are budget-friendly providing good value for the area.

Address: 541 West Capitol Expy San Jose, CA 95136

9. Cream

Cream is an ice cream shop located on South 1st Street in downtown San Jose. They serve fresh homemade ice cream sandwiches using high-quality, often local, ingredients. Their classic cookie flavors include chocolate chip, snickerdoodle and sugar cookie and other rotating options.

A single scoop starts at $4, with specialty sundaes running $8-$12. Toppings like fruit, candy pieces, and sauces can be added for an additional charge. Cream also offers ice cream sandwiches starting at $5, milkshakes for $7, and ice cream cakes customized for special occasions. 


For parking, there are public parking garages and metered street parking in the downtown area near Cream. The shop itself does not have a private lot. 

With its creative flavors and fresh homemade ice cream, Cream is a popular spot for San Jose locals and visitors looking for a cool, creamy treat downtown.

Address: 49 S 1st St San Jose, CA 95113

10. Bijan Bakery

Bijan Bakery, nestled in the heart of San Jose, is renowned for its range of European-inspired pastries, cakes, and baked goods. With a dedication to crafting artisanal treats using high-quality ingredients, Bijan Bakery has become a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

The bakery offers a diverse selection, from delicate pastries to decadent cakes, all characterized by meticulous attention to detail and a touch of culinary artistry. Whether you’re looking for a special occasion cake or a daily indulgence, Bijan Bakery’s sweet treats are sure to tantalize your taste buds with their delightful flavors and pretty pastries.

best desserts san jose bijan bakert apple tart and hot coffee

Try the cream puffs, eclairs and fruit tarts or one of their cold espresso-based drinks.

The result is a delectable treat that caters to individual tastes, making Bijan Bakery one of the best places in San Jose for those seeking a sweet and customizable dessert experience.

Address: 170 S Market St Ste 110 San Jose, CA 95113

11. Honey Berry Evergreen

Honey Berry Evergreen is a popular bakery located on San Felipe Road in East San Jose. They are known for their pastries, cakes, and roti buns. Roti buns, also known as “roti boy” or “roti bun boy,” is a popular baked pastry that originated in Malaysia. It’s a sweet and savory treat that combines the soft and fluffy texture of a bun with the rich and flavorful taste of a roti, which is a type of Indian flatbread.

best desserts san jose photo shows ice cream between two round churros

One signature item is their churro ice cream sandwich – a churro cut in half and filled with a scoop of ice cream for $6. They also offer waffles and creamy ice cream. 

For parking, there is a small lot in front of the bakery. Additional street parking is available on San Felipe Road. With its wide array of Mexican pastries and desserts as well as custom cakes, Honey Berry Evergreen on San Felipe Road is a popular spot offering some of the best desserts in East Side San Jose. 

Address: 4848 San Felipe Rd Ste 170 San Jose, CA 95135

12. Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies is a gourmet cookie shop and cafe located in downtown San Jose. Insomnia Cookies is a popular chain of bakeries that specializes in delivering freshly baked cookies and other sweet treats even during the late hours of the night.  Apart from chocolate chip cookies, Insomnia Cookies also offers a variety of other desserts such as ice cream sandwiches, brownies, and cookie cakes.

Seating is limited with most orders taken to-go. Street parking is available downtown but metered. Garage parking is also an option.

With its focus on fresh, customizable gourmet cookies in generous sizes, Insomnia Cookies is perfect for those with a sweet tooth or to order as a special treat. The prices reflect the premium, specialty nature of the giant cookies and because of their late hours, this is one of the best places to get desserts in San Jose.

Address: 42 S 1st St San Jose, CA 95113

In the vibrant heart of San Jose, a tapestry of flavors and memories awaits the aficionados of all things sweet. From the cherished Peter’s Bakery to the innovative creations at Willow Glen Creamery and Sweet Retreat, the city’s finest desserts present a diverse and captivating narrative. The burnt almond cake, Oreo cookies, and other classics evoke a sense of tradition, while destinations like Charlie’s Cheesecake Works, Honey Berry Evergreen, and C Bakery Cafe underscore the city’s dedication to delicious desserts.

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