The Best Natural Wood Play Kitchen

When we decided to start buying larger toys for our older daughter, we did so much research.  Blame it on being a first-time parent, sometimes it felt like we were making a big investment rather than just adding a toy to our home.  When it came time to purchase a natural wood play kitchen, I knew I wanted something durable and solid.  I wanted it to be a true wood product and inspire the imagination.  I also knew I didn’t want one that needed battery replacement on accessories like a phone or play microwave. 

wood play kitchen
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After lots of research, we ended up purchasing the Angels and Elves Slyvie Kitchen.   It’s lasted us 6 years and still looks amazing.  The Sylvie Kitchen is very durable, cleans easily with wood cleaner, and has held up to numerous playdates.  This pretty natural wood play kitchen has made it through 2 moves- well, with a few hitches considering that one time the bowl flew out of the back of the truck during our last move.  I was able to purchase a replacement directly from the manufacturer!  We matched it with Jacob’s Ice Box and we use that to store all of the play food.

natural wood play kitchen

Here are some other play kitchens we looked at and would recommend!

Milton and Goose Natural Play Kitchen

Amazon Natural Wood Kitchen

Coco Village natural kitchen

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  1. These little kitchens are so pretty! Like, I wouldnt mind having them in the house! So much fun for pretend play!

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with wood kitchens. We had one for my daughter and it was definitely sturdy but it didn’t hold up to the wear and tear as well as I would have liked. We switched over to a plastic one and it’s worked well for us.

  3. That is seriously SO beautiful. I would LOVE to get one for my kids someday. Love the set up in your room and decor too 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh this is amazing!!! Ours is wood but not this nice!! I love it!!

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