Best Romantic Restaurants in San Jose

San Jose is a great place to find romantic restaurants. Whether you’re looking for a cozy spot for a date night or an elegant restaurant for a special occasion, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are some of the best romantic restaurants in San Jose that you might want to check out:

Best Romantic Restaurants in San Jose

The Table (1110 Willow St)

Located in the historic San Jose neighborhood of Willow Glen, The Table is a romantic restaurant in San Jose. This quaint and cozy restaurant exudes charm with its rustic décor and warm ambiance. The Table offers an ever-changing menu featuring locally sourced ingredients prepared with finesse. The intimate setting and personalized service make it an ideal choice for a romantic dinner.

Le Papillon (410 Saratoga Ave)

Indulge in a fine dining experience at Le Papillon, known for its elegant atmosphere and exquisite French cuisine. The food at Le Papillon is nothing short of a culinary masterpiece, with a focus on French-inspired dishes crafted with the finest and freshest ingredients.

The menu features a delightful array of options, including tender steaks, delicate seafood, and artfully prepared vegetarian dishes. Each plate is a work of art, beautifully presented to captivate both the eyes and taste buds of diners.

A typical meal at Le Papillon falls into the higher price range due to its reputation for exquisite dining. The cost may vary depending on the selection of dishes, wine pairings, and any additional add-ons. Expect to spend around $100 to $150 per person for a full dining experience at this romantic establishment. While it may be on the higher end, the exceptional food, service, and ambiance make it a worthy choice for special occasions or intimate celebrations.

Le Papillon’s reputation as one of the most romantic restaurants in San Jose stems from its enchanting ambiance and attentive service. The restaurant’s elegant decor, soft lighting, and intimate seating create a perfect setting for a romantic evening.

Adega (1614 Alum Rock Ave)

For a taste of Portugal and a romantic atmosphere, head to Adega in San Jose. This Michelin-starred restaurant offers an intimate space where you can savor traditional Portuguese flavors paired with an extensive wine list. The restaurant has gained fame for its delicious and traditional Portuguese cuisine, prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients.

Adega’s menu showcases a wide range of dishes, including succulent grilled meats, flavorful seafood, and hearty stews. They also have an excellent selection of Portuguese wines to complement your meal and enhance your dining experience.

Located in the heart of San Jose, Adega’s parking situation is generally manageable, but it’s advisable to plan ahead, especially during peak hours or weekends. There are both street parking options and nearby public parking garages available to accommodate guests. If you prefer a hassle-free experience, consider using ride-sharing services or public transportation to reach the restaurant.

As for the cost of a typical meal at Adega, it falls into the higher-end category due to the restaurant’s focus on quality and authenticity. Expect to spend around $50 to $100 per person, depending on your choice of dishes, drinks, and any additional add-ons. While it may be pricier than some other restaurants, the exceptional flavors and romantic lighting, and ambiance make it well worth the investment.

The Grandview (15005 Mount Hamilton Rd)

If you’re seeking a romantic setting with breathtaking views, The Grandview is the place to be. Perched atop Mount Hamilton, this restaurant offers panoramic vistas of the city lights below.

The food at The Grandview Restaurant is renowned for its classic American fare, featuring a variety of dishes to please different tastes. They offer hearty steaks and seafood, flavorful pasta dishes, and fresh salads so the menu caters to a wide range of palates. The culinary experience is complemented by the restaurant’s inviting atmosphere and attentive service, making it an ideal spot for a romantic date night in San jose.

Regarding the parking situation, The Grandview Restaurant offers on-site parking, providing convenience for guests driving to the location. With ample parking available, you won’t have to worry about finding a spot to enjoy your dining experience comfortably.

As for the typical meal cost, dining at The Grandview Restaurant can be considered on the higher end due to its scenic location and elevated dining experience. Expect to spend around $50 to $100 per person, depending on your choice of dishes, beverages, and any additional offerings.

LB Steak (334 Santana Row)

Located in the shopping center Santana Row, LB Steak is a classic steakhouse that combines elegance with a modern twist. Known for its contemporary and upscale ambiance, the restaurant offers a diverse menu with a focus on high-quality steaks and a variety of delicious dishes.

LB Steak/

The food at LB Steak is truly great, especially for couples seeking a romantic dinner in San Jose. Their prime, dry-aged steaks are cooked to perfection, offering a mouthwatering and tender bite with every forkful. Not only do they excel in steaks, but their menu also boasts a selection of market-fresh seafood options, flavorful salads, and creative sides. Additionally, they offer vegetarian and vegan options for those with dietary preferences or restrictions, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

As for parking, Santana Row typically provides ample parking options for visitors. There are both open-air and covered parking garages, making it convenient for guests to find a spot nearby the restaurant. The area is designed to be pedestrian-friendly, so you can easily walk from your car to LB Steak without any hassle.

Regarding the cost of a typical meal, LB Steak leans towards the higher end, in line with its fine dining experience and the quality of ingredients used. Expect to spend around $50 to $100 per person, depending on your choice of dishes, drinks, and any additional add-ons.

La Catalana (3720 N 1st St Ste A)

La Catalana is a restaurant that serves Spanish and Tapas Bars in San Jose. he menu features a delightful array of tapas, paellas, and traditional Spanish dishes, prepared with care and using fresh, high-quality ingredients.

The restaurant offers a variety of dishes such as patatas bravas, chorizo, paella, and more.

A typical meal at La Catalana can be moderately priced, with the average cost per person ranging from $30 to $50. The restaurant’s reasonable pricing, combined with its warm and welcoming ambiance, makes it an attractive choice for both casual and special occasions. The sharing nature of tapas and paellas also adds to the sense of togetherness and makes it an excellent spot for a romantic date night or an enjoyable evening with friends.

Regarding the parking situation, downtown San Jose can be bustling, but there are various parking options available nearby, such as street parking, public parking garages, and paid parking lots. It’s advisable to check for parking availability and consider arriving a little early to secure a convenient spot for your dining experience at La Catalana.

This is a lovely restaurant to share dishes in a cozy and romantic environment.

Vin Santo (1346 Lincoln Ave)

Vin Santo restaurant is a hidden gem that delights both food enthusiasts and hopeless romantics alike. This charming eatery is renowned for its exceptional cuisine, warm ambiance, and impeccable service, making it a top choice for a romantic dining experience.

Vin Santo/

When it comes to the menu, Vin Santo serves delicious Italian fare that includes delicate handmade pasta to succulent grilled meats. Each dish is crafted with passion and a commitment to using only the finest, freshest ingredients. The menu also boasts an impressive selection of wines, perfectly complementing the flavors and enhancing the dining experience.

San Jose’s historic Willow Glen neighborhood is known for its pleasant and walkable streets, and many restaurants in the area, including Vin Santo, have dedicated parking lots or ample street parking available nearby.

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