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Book Review: All Because You Matter

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For Black History Month I’ve been adding lots of new picture books to our collection. Scholastic sent over All Because You Matter, an extremely important book that reminds Black and Brown children that they matter in the world. Read on for a full book review of All Because You Matter.

all because you matter book review

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About All Because You Matter

Discover this poignant, timely, and emotionally stirring picture book, an ode to Black and brown children everywhere that is full of hope, assurance, and love.

Tami Charles pens a poetic, lyrical text that is part love letter, part anthem, assuring readers that they always have, and always will, matter. This powerful, rhythmic lullaby reassures readers that their matter and their worth is never diminished, no matter the circumstance: through the joy and wonder of their first steps and first laughs, through the hardship of adolescent struggles, and the pain and heartbreak of current events, they always have, and always will, matter. Accompanied by illustrations by renowned artist Bryan Collier, a four-time Caldecott Honor recipient and a nine-time Coretta Scott King Award winner or honoree, All Because You Matter empowers readers with pride, joy, and comfort, reminding them of their roots and strengthening them for the days to come.

Lyrical, personal, and full of love, All Because You Matter is for the picture book audience what The Hate U Give was for YA and Ghost Boys was for middle grade: a conversation starter, a community touchstone, and a deep affirmation of worth for the young readers who need it most.

Book Review:

All Because You Matter is a beautifully illustrated picture book that affirms children, especially Black boys. A parent tells a story of how and why her child matters despite some of the turmoil happening around them.

all because you matter book review

With the repeated theme that Black children matter, it reminds young readers that the descent from kings and queens and have a place in the world no matter what other people say. Interspersed throughout are references to recent tragedies like Trayvon Martin and Philando Castille as the author reminds the reader that their lives mattered just as the readers’ life matters. This provides a great opportunity to educate children about events in the world without scaring them.

Dark colors permeate through this book and the illustrations are full of brilliant textures and details. I appreciate the little details like accurate hair textures and skin tones and illustrator Bryan Collier writes that he included a theme petals in the illustrations to signify a blossoming effect.

About the Author

“I wrote All Because You Matter to provide parents with a starting point for conversations about the racial climate in our country today. These are issues that should be discussed in all families, of all backgrounds, if we are to raise empathetic future leaders.”

—Tami Charles

About the illustrator

I tried to capture the musicality, rhythm, and bounce of the text as it takes readers on a journey that zooms through time and space shouting All Because You Matter. And I wanted to remind readers when they walk into a room, all those voices, faces and ancestors walk with them. You are not alone.”

—Bryan Collier


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