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Book Review: Bluebird by Sharon Cameron

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What happens with a young German woman sets her sights on a Nazi doctor and vows revenge in post World War II New York? Read on for a book review of Bluebird by author Sharon Cameron!

Bluebird Book review sharon cameron

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A young woman named Eva travels to America with her special needs friend Brigit.  The year is 1946 and she is desperate to flee Germany and has nothing but revenge on her mind.  Eva has been ordered by the CIA to participate in project Bluebird – a plot to find a Nazi doctor who was working on developing mind control and is hiding in the US to avoid the Nuremberg trials.  That Nazi doctor turns out to be her own father, a brutal man who experiments on people of all ages.  Eva wants revenge for the prisoners that were experimented on and for Brigit who was horribly assaulted by Russian soldiers.  

One of the fascinating aspects of this novel is the relationship between Germans and Americans at the end of World War II.  Eva and Brigit are snarled at, spit upon and worse upon their entrance to America.  Tensions are high as the Americans struggle to a life post War when the news of atrocities are only barely trickling out of Europe.  

Eva is a sympathetic main character, someone is was completely in the dark when the War begins and who finally realizes that growing up and surviving means making a deal with the people who can find her father. Bluebird does a great job of describing just how Eva was in the dark, doubling down on the way Nazi’s were able to use misinformation and elitism to garner support.

Bluebird is wonderfully intense; it has chase scenes, romance and lots of history on the American pursuit of Nazi scientists and doctors.  The book doesn’t shy away from the fact that the Americans wanted to bring them to justice, the reasoning was to get their knowledge on mind control capabilities and weaponize it before any enemies did. Cameron has impeccably researched her subject and the end of the book gives some details into the real project Bluebird if readers what to research more.  

Trigger Warnings: There is a sexual assault scene that is described as Eva hears it happening.  

Rating: 4/5 stars


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