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Book Review: Dear Librarian by Lydia Sigwarth

What does it feel like to be a kid and be homeless?  Author explores this exact question in Dear Librarian, a beautiful  and emotional book about a homeless little girl discovering the safety of a library.  Read on for a book review of Dear Librarian by Lydia Sigwarth.

book review Dear Librarian

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Dear Librarian starts off with a little girl Lydia who has to leave her home with her parents and siblings.  The family hops between relatives homes and Lydia feels out of sorts.  When she heads into her local library, everything changes.  Not only can she find books on every subject but the librarian is the key to Lydia’s comfort.  The librarian reads to Lydia and encourages her, which essentially takes Lydia’s mind off the uncertainty of being homeless.

Dear Librarian is such a beautiful love letter to the library and librarians in general.  It also made me emotional because I know there are thousands of children out there who are homeless and the library provides a safe space for them.  Dear Librarian also offers commentary on homelessness although it’s less noticeable than the library love.  Lydia’s family relocates so Lydia’s father can get a new job and it’s interesting that this family could be any family in communities where it’s expensive to live.  I also liked that the author made sure to note that the library was the only place where Lydia could truly be herself and no get in trouble for touching expensive items like was the case at her Aunt’s house.

The illustrations by Romina Galotta are soft with lots of oranges and yellows.  Several of the pages have more than one scene which makes it seem like we are getting within the authors head as she remembers growing up with her siblings and the activities she loved at the library.  Overall, Dear Librarian is lovely picture book with a heartfelt message.

Rating 5/5 stars

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