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Book Review: Forever Home by Henry Cole

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Doesn’t every little boy want a little dog to be his best friend? Read on for a review of the wordless book Forever Home by Henry Cole.

Forever Home review cover

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Forever Home Book Review

Told in black and white sketches, Forever Home is about a little boy who attempts to convince his two fathers to let him adopt a dog. The parents show that the little boy needs to get more responsible, like cleaning his room on a regular basis. The little boy finds a red leash and carries it around with the hopes that one day a dog will be on the end of it.

The little boy sees a homeless dog and resolves to become more responsible so he can help the dog. The boy helps his Dads with household chores and cleaning his room. When his Dads decide that he is responsible enough to get a dog, the little boy heads to the dog rescue where he gives his new best friend a forever home.

Because Forever Home is a wordless book, there have to be enough details in the illustrations to show the entire story. Henry Cole’s attention to detail with facial expressions and body language shows the loneliness of the little boy and his parent’s encouragement when he decides to help out around the house.

Forever Home is such a sweet little book about friendship and taking care of responsibilities in order to care for another living thing. The book gives an opportunity for children to describe the feelings and actions of the little boy since he experiences a range of emotions throughout the book.

Rating 4/5 stars

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