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Book Review: I Want to Be a Vase by Julio Torres

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In this thoughtful book from Julio Torres, a little plunger dreams of being a vase. Read on for a full review of I Want to Be a Vase!

I Want to Be a Vase review


Shapes. You’ve heard of them. You might have even interacted with a few. But do you really know them? From plucky Plunger, who wishes to defy his shape and become a beautiful vase, to other household objects with dreams of a life beyond their predestined roles, I Want to Be a Vase takes readers on an essential and visually stunning journey through the lives and intimate dramas of often-overlooked household appliances.

In I Want to Be a Vase, a plunger decides that they’d rather be a vase instead of a plunger. This makes several other household items uncomfortable because traditionally, plungers have a specific use in the bathroom.

I Want to Be a Vase is a thoughtful take on one’s identity and purpose in life. The plunger yearns to be a vase that holds beautiful flowers and stands in its truth against the naysayers. The vacuum makes the biggest stink and tells the plunger that it will never be anything more than a plunger. Other household items start to chime in on wanting to be different, like he pot who’d rather be a trashcan.

This book shares a message that it’s ok to be different and LBGTQ readers may find some comfort the story of a little plunger that just wants to be a vase.

I Want to Be a Vase review

I enjoyed the art in I Want to Be a Vase, illustrator Julian Glander brings into sharp focus the entire household and its occupants. Purples and pinks bring to life all the characters and the details make this a great book for toddlers to point out items they recognize.

Rating 4/5 stars

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