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Book Review: Llama Glamarama

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Who hasn’t felt just a little different from their friends and family? In Llama Glamarama, Larry the Llama discovers that being different isn’t a bad thing at all. Read on for a full review of Llama Glamarama by Simon James Green.

Llama Glamarama book review

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Larry the llama has a secret: he loves dancing! But have you ever seen a llama dance? Well, neither had Larry – until one day he spots an ad for the Llama Glamarama. He joins the crowd, and it blows Larry’s mind to see llamas DANCING! Will this raucous, joyful celebration give Larry the courage to embrace his inner dancer? How would the other llamas back at the barn react, if he ever revealed his secret?


Larry the Llama loves to dance. Flamenco, Hip Hop, Ballet, he loves it all.  The problem?  He thinks that his love of dancing will make him stand out and eventually be booted from his community.  When he goes to the Llama Glamarama music and dance festival, he discovers llamas just like himself who love dancing.  This experience encourages him to be honest with his community.  Larry tells them of his love of dancing and is shocked when not only are his friends NOT surprised by his love of dancing but they have aspects of their own lives that make them different too!

Green’s text is whimsical and inviting, mixing rhymes along with with illustrations by Garry Parsons that just pop off the page.  In Llama Glamarama there is a healing message that it’s ok for children to be different and chances are, getting those differences off your chest can open you up to people who feel the same.  There were a few harder words that I had to explain to my toddler like Techno and Flamenco but these are great opportunities to introduce her to different types of music.  Llama Glamarama is a book that will inspire and empower children who feel like they don’t fit in.  


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