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Book Review: Love From Mecca to Medina by SK Ali

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Have you ever kept a secret from your spouse? Not a malicious secret but one about your struggles because you don’t want to burden the other person? S.K. Ali explores this and more in Love From Mecca to Medina. Read on for a spoiler-free review of Love From Mecca to Medina published by Simon & Schuster!

Love From Mecca to Medina review

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Four years after the events of Love From A to Z, Adam Zayneb is trying their best to make their long-distance marriage work. Zayneb is dealing with the pressures of school, navigating what it means to have a frenemy, and missing Adam desperately. Adam is still dealing with his health issues due to multiple sclerosis and he’s not always honest about his health issues with Zayneb. They both have outside factors that they don’t really share with one another, and it weighs on them both.

When they get a chance to be together to perform an Umrah (pilgrimage to Mecca) they both jump at the chance to reconnect and enjoy a life-changing experience together. The trip doesn’t go exactly smooth, especially when Adam’s ex-love interest shows up and Adam and Zayneb have to decide their future together despite the upheaval in their relationship. Love From Mecca to Medina is a fascinating look into a relationship where secrets threaten to overwhelm you.

Here’s the thing, Zayneb not telling Adam the entire truth about her challenges in Chicago isn’t out of malice, she simply doesn’t want him to stress about anything in addition to what he deals with. And Adam does the same, omitting certain aspects of his health struggles for the same exact reason.

There is a bit of distrust between the two and more than once I felt like whispering, “Tell the other the truth!” but it does add to some tension and moves the plot along once it becomes impossible not to be honest with each other. I also really felt Zayneb’s struggles with not being entirely present for a very significant spiritual trip because of all of the other things on her mind.

Love From Mecca to Medina is a fast read and my favorite aspect was the descriptions of the cities Adam and Zayneb visit. However, I would absolutely encourage readers to read the Prequel first to truly understand and connect with these two lovely characters.

Rating 3.5 stars

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