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Book Review: Minnie’s Fixer-Upper

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Board books are such an important part of a child learning to read. Board books are usually filled with colorful pictures and lots of sight words. Disney generously sent us a few new books and included Minnie’s Fixer-Upper. Here’s my book review of Minnie’s Fixer-Upper!

book review of Minnie's Fixxer Upper
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About Minnie’s Fixer-Upper

Minnie builds a house in her signature style! 

It’s a Mixed-Up Adventure with Minnie!
After a day of building, painting, and shingling, Minnie and her friends learn that hard work makes good things! This novelty board book is die-cut to the shape of Minnie’s fabulous vacation house. Little ones will get a grand tour of her new home in this latest adventure with Minnie and Daisy! 

MINNIE’s Fixer-Upper Review

Minnie has a huge secret! She recently purchased a ramshackle cabin to renovate so her friends Daisy and Cuckoo-Loca can have a space to vacation to! Daisy and Cuckoo-Loca discover her plans but they think that Minnie is moving out of their house so they make a plan to sabotage Minnie’s renovation so she can continue to live with them!

Daisy and Cuckoo-Loca cause a paint catastrophe, flood the kitchen and Minnie is nearly defeated when her friends confess that they don’t want her to move out of their house. Minnie assures them this was just a place to go for vacation! The three friends work together to finish renovating the cabin and show that working together they can get so much done! With the themes of working together for a common goal and the importance of communication to avoid silly misunderstandings.

Minnie’s Fixer-Upper is a colorful board book and great for beginning readers who need a bit more story than a traditional single word board book.

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