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Book Review: Take a Breath by Sujean Rim

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Ever forget to breathe when dealing with a stressful situation? In Take a Breath, a new picture book by Sujean Rim, a little bird is learning to fly and learns to breathe to help his frustration. Read on for a book review of Take a Breath!

take a breath book review

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An anxious baby bird who fears he’ll never learn to fly gets a lesson in mindfulness in this funny and sweetly encouraging picture book about believing in yourself.

Every morning, the birds are flapping with excitement for their first flight of the day…except for Bob. Bob doesn’t get the whole flying thing; when the other baby birds go up, up, up, he goes down, down, down. Bob can’t help worrying…what if he never learns how to fly? His friend Crow tells him, “All you need to do is breathe, Bob.” Of course, Bob breathes all the time, but there’s breathing and then there’s B-R-E-A-T-H-I-N-G. And it might just be the thing to calm Bob’s ruffled feathers.


Take a Breath by Sujean Rim introduces mindfulness tactics in a sweet little picture book about a bird named Bob who is trying to learn how to fly. His frustration grows and he worries that he will never be successful until another friendly bird named Crow offers support in terms of encouraging Bob to take a minute.

When children deal with “big feelings” or frustration, Take a Breath reminds children to stop, breathe and stretch. Of course, our friend Bob knows he is breathing just fine but his friend encourages him to truly breathe in and out slowly. The idea that the bird can ground himself to steady his mind before going back to the hard task of attempting to fly is important and this picture book breaks it down for even the tiniest people to understand. If there is one thing to take away from Take a Breath, it’s that most problems can be solved with a pause and a deep breath.

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