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Book Review: The Great Jedi Rescue

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Thank you to Disney Books for providing a ARC. All thoughts and opinions my own.
the great jedi rescue book review

ABOUT Star Wars The High Republic: The Great Jedi Rescue

Meet the noble and wise Jedi of the High Republic!
When a disaster strikes in hyperspace, putting the people of Hetzal Prime in grave danger, only the Jedi of the High Republic can save the day!

Ages: 5-8


According to Disney and, The High Republic is an era in which the noble and wise Jedi Knights must face a frightening threat to themselves, the galaxy, and to the Force itself. The era takes place before The Phantom Menace!

It’s a time of peace and prosperity in the galaxy far, far away. The Republic is thriving and the Jedi Order is at its zenith, with individual Force wielders and their students exploring the galactic frontier and keeping the peace. But the time is not without its conflicts.

Star Wars The High Republic: The Great Jedi Rescue BOOK REVIEW

When the Republic ship Legacy Run encounters some double in space, all seems lost.  The Legacy Run rips apart and its pieces hurtle towards the farming planet Hetzel Prime.  The people of Hetzel Prime begin to panic and rush towards a starship hangar to safety but guards block their way.  A brave group of Jedi answer the distress call, arriving in their Vectors to help stop the Legacy Run from entering the planet’s atmosphere.  Among them are new characters Te’Ami, Mikkel, Nib Assek and her Padawan a Wookie called Burryaga.  

Meanwhile on Hetzel Prime, Jedi Master Loden Greatstorm and his Padawan Bell Zettifar help the citizens get to safety and together, they defeat pirates that are taking advantage of the emergency.  The Jedi realize that they work together to save the planet and the Legacy Run!

The Great Jedi Rescue is an exciting book for intermediate readers.   It’s not a cutesy Star Wars story watered down for children.  The Great Jedi Rescue is thrilling and high drama, especially considering it’s for ages 5-8.  It has lots of classic Star Wars qualities including interesting characters, exciting adventures and even pirates.  My 7 year old sat straight up when we got to the part where the Jedi realize that the part of the Legacy Run that holds fuel was hurtling toward disaster.  The exciting plot mixed with new and interesting characters has made this a favorite bedtime story in our home. I appreciate that the Great Jedi Rescue gives a nod towards young Star War fans that want exciting stories with new characters for their own generation!  

It’s helpful that the main themes of The Great Jedi Rescue pages are in gold font to show their importance.  The different colored sentences make it easy to go back to discuss with children the important moments of the plot.  The illustrations by Petur Antonsson have that muted coloring of Star Wars books we’ve seen previously, but here they have great level of detail (notice Burryaga’s beard?)  Overall The Great Jedi Rescue is an entertaining new story in The High Republic era!

About the Author

Cavan Scott is one of the writers of Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space and IDW Publishing’s Star Wars Adventures comic book series. When he’s not playing in a galaxy far, far away, Cavan has also written for such popular franchises as Doctor Who, Pacific Rim, Vikings, Star Trek, Adventure Time, and Penguins of Madagascar. You can find him online at


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