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Book Review: We’re In This Together by Linda Sarsour

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Linda Sarsour is a Muslim activist and one of the founders of the Women’s March, a historic protest attended by thousands of people in 2017.  In We’re In This Together, she details her youth and journey into activism through the lens of a Muslim woman. Read on for a book review of We’re in This Together by Linda Sarsour.

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We're in this together review

Sarsour grew up in  Brooklyn and is the daughter of Palestinian immigrants.  She traces her childhood through high school with some anecdotes of growing up in a Muslim family.  There’s a section of the book which is fascinating not only with the historical aspects but just the sights and smells that Sarsour remembers, and that’s her first visit back to Palestine. 

Admittedly, I wasn’t aware of the history and reading it through the lens of a person whose family lives in fear was absolutely shocking.  Sarsour explains the historical events that had Israel seizing the Gaza Strip and explains that families lived in fear of their family members being taken off the streets and jailed.  

Sarsour’s experiences in high school helped to establish her voice which she eventually uses as an activist.  Her high school had heavy security but she saw Black and Brown students being singled out constantly.  Later, Sarsour explains that the events surrounding the September 11th World Trade Tower terrorist attack really shaped how the United States began to react to all Muslim people.  It’s here that Sarsour realizes that she has to speak out for justice for all people and traces her activism to the events of the murders of Freddy Grey, Michael Brown, and George Floyd.  

We’re in This Together is a powerful memoir for young adults that will inspire them to get involved with social justice movements.  We’re in This Together releases on November 29, 2022.


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