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Book Review: What Makes a Hero

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what makes a hero book review

What Makes a Hero is a collection of individuals profiles of popular female superheroes.  Each profile features a gorgeous illustration by Eda Kaban and an inspirational essay from writer Pamela Bobowicz.  Read on for the things I love in this What Makes a Hero book review!

What I really appreciate about this book is the messages that each of the superheroes share.  Each shares a message that boils down to hero not having to have super powers to help other people or themselves.

what makes a hero

The various character profiles touch on what the character has experienced in the Marvel universe.  For example, Queen Ramonda talks about supporting her children by being a counsel, supporter and friend in the hardest of times.  Peggy Carter describes going the Army to fight hatred (Nazi’s) and speaking up for people who those who cannot not speak for themselves.  My favorite profile is Nebula and Gamora who speak about being pitted against each other but realizing that they are stronger when they work together as allies.  I love the illustration of Gamora helping to fix Nebula’s arm.  

Hands down What Makes a Hero is one of the best books I’ve seen that introduces children to female superheroes.  As a bonus it showcases really diverse characters for instance, 8 of the superheroes are women of color!  I was delighted at the very end of the book to see Maria and Monica Rambeau.  These two characters are friends of Carol Danvers (also in What Makes a Hero) and I’m secretly hoping that we get to see more of them in future books and movies!

What Makes a Hero Book Review: What Age is This Book For?

What Makes a Hero is best for children ages 8 and up but I read this to my six year old and she appreciates the illustrations and profiles.  I’ve had to explain a few words to to her but overall she gets the jest of each profile and we pick 2 or 3 to read before bedtime each night.  Bravo Disney Books for putting such a fantastic book that showcases female superheroes!


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