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Book Review: When Things Aren’t Right, Go Left by Marc Colagiovanni

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Doubts in children can come and go but author Marc Colagiovanni encourages young readers to grow their confidence to ignore those doubts in When Things Aren’t Right, Go Left a new picture book releasing in March 2023.

When Things Aren’t Right Go Left

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The phrase “when nothing goes right, go left” is a way of encouraging kids to keep an open mind and think creatively when faced with a difficult situation or challenge. So in When Things Aren’t Right, Go Left, a little boy realizes nothing in his day is going right, and he decides to make a change. The book details what he did to his doubts that are constantly trying to take over, he leaves them, ignores them, and leaps into the rest of his day by leaving them in the past.

The illustrations by Peter Reynolds are fun sketches of the little boy leaving those doubts (illustrated as red little birds and little green hairy men) behind while he does the things that could be considered new and scary. There is a part where he jumps off a diving board and face-plants on the ground, but he picks himself up and tries again. The colors range from dark blues and violets when the little boy is attempting to ignore the doubts creeping in, leading to some final bright yellow pages of him successfully completing his goals.

When Things Aren’t Right, Go Left, releases March 7, 2023.

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