Breakfast at the Red Rose Taverne Disneyland

Nestled in Fantasyland and directly across from the Casey Jr’s Circus train, sits the Red Rose Taverne. One a recent trip to Disneyland, we were all starving so I hustled directly to the Red Rose Taverne to get the kids a quick and tasty breakfast.

The Red Rose Taverne used to be named the Village Haus and had a Pinocchio-ish theme inside.  The decor was changed recently to resemble the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie. Inside it still looks very much like the old theme with some antler ears thrown in! The Red Rose Taverne has the typical Disney ordering experience-TWO ordering lines on either side of the cashier, and then you step forward to pick up your food.

You can also mobile order at The Red Rose Taverne! Mobile ordering is a feature offered by the Disneyland app that allows guests to order food and drinks from select restaurants at the park using their mobile devices. The idea is to allow guests to avoid waiting in line at the restaurant and instead go directly to the pickup location to retrieve their order. To use mobile ordering, guests must have the Disneyland app installed on their mobile device and have a valid ticket or annual pass. Then they can browse the menus at participating restaurants and place their order using the app. When the order is ready, the guest will receive a notification on their device and can pick up their food at the designated pickup location.

Breakfast at the Red Rose Taverne Disneyland-FOOD

Although the breakfast menu has expanded, the kids weren’t in any mood to try the egg flatbread or poutine so I ordered a pancake plate and the grey stuff! I was REALLY impressed with the pancake and egg breakfast. Three large pancakes and fresh scrambled eggs were just what we needed to start out our day. The pancakes were fluffy and everything tasted excellent. There was plenty for the girls and me to share.

The grey stuff is pretty interesting as it’s a grey chocolate mousse covering red velvet cake with a raspberry jelly center. It’s sweet but not overly so and I got in a few bites before the girls polished it off.

A few things about the Red Rose Taverne. We arrived right as it opened and there were plenty of tables available.  We left about 20 minutes later, left the line was out the door and the tables were filling up. I would suggest having some patience to get through the lines and stake out tables ahead of time.

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The decor inside this restaurant is themed really well. It’s like you’re inside the tavern in Beauty and the Beast. It has beautiful stained glass windows and hand-painted Beauty and the Beast characters on the wall. Be aware, there isn’t any air conditioning in this building, so if it’s a hot day you may want to rest in another air-conditioned area.

Breakfast at the Red Rose Taverne Disneyland includes two additional specialty items, Gaston’s Famous Brew which is a fruit juice punch, and the Lemon Rose cake. Both are only available at this location.  Most items range from $9-14.

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