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Captain America: The Ghost Army Book Review!

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One of Marvel’s most iconic superhero gets a new story in Captain America: The Ghost Army, an upcoming graphic novel published by Scholastic Inc.  Read on for a review of Captain America the Ghost Army written by Alan Gratz and illustrated by Brent Schoonover.

captain america ghost army review

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Captain America and Bucky Barnes find themselves battling Nazi’s in this throwback comic that is reminiscent of some of the original artwork and storylines of Captain America.  In this graphic novel Steve Rogers (Captain America) is 18 years old and partnered with his friend Bucky to defeat the Nazi army…only this isn’t the normal Nazi units they’ve encountered before.  Captain America welcomes the American of Ghost Army but then the enemy soldiers actually rise from the ground, he has to figure out how to kill that Ghost Army for good and quickly!

Author Alan Gratz crafts an entertaining story and uses some historically accurate WWII information such as utilizing the Ghost Army, which was a unit that consisted of actors, writers, artists, and ad men who used loudspeakers, inflatable tanks and other illusions to confuse the enemy. 

In this partial preview of the novel, this particular Captain America adventure feels very retro especially with the storyline and the colors.  Illustrator Brent Schoonover brings some vintage aspects to the drawings, readers will smile at the KABOOM! and CRUNCH! bolded words that emphasize the hand to hand combat scenes.  The colors include deep beiges and greens, reminiscent of some of the original comics and the faces drawn show just how terrifying the characters are when they realize that the Nazi’s they killed earlier have risen again. There are also some silly jokes (give us the background on Dum Dum Marvel!) and it’s a fun ride especially for fans of the Marvel Universe who can appreciate the vintage touches.

Captain America: The Ghost Army is an exciting new entry into Marvel’s longstanding tradition of Steve and Bucky adventures, I’m looking forward to reading just how they defeat the Ghost Army!

Captain America: The Ghost Army releases August 2022 and can be pre-ordered here.

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