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Captain Marvel Free Valentine Printable!

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My kids and I have watched the Captain Marvel movie about a hundred times and I wanted to surprise them with a Captain Marvel valentine! After not finding much in the stores, I set out to create a simple valentine card for them to take to school.  Here’s how I created these fun Captain Marvel Valentine cards!

captain marvel valentine

Items You Will Need!

1.  Free Captain Marvel Valentine’s Day download

2.  Heavy white or ivory cardstock

3.  Fun red washi tape

4.  Some sort of candy or lollipop!

I created the image in Picmonkey but you could also use Photoshop or Canva.  I tried my best to match the red in Captain Marvel’s uniform and her iconic gold star. These Captain Marvel valentine cards are printed on my home computer but a drug store photo print would also work for a crisper image.

captain marvel valentine

The second step involved cutting out the valentines with a paper cutter.  To finish, tape a piece of candy on the back with some fun washi tape and write the child’s name on the back.  My favorite tape for Valentine Day crafting is that cute glitter tape.  You could also use this fun Marvel tape, the options are endless!


captain marvel pintable

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  1. Anna Watson says:

    Thank you! My kiddo loves Captain Marvel so much, and is thrilled to have these Valentine’s to hand out to her friends. 🙂

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