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Captain Marvel Movie Review and Merchandise!

Raise your hand if you were able to see Captain Marvel last weekend. I’m here with a short spoiler free review of Captain Marvel! We ended up taking both girls and they had a blast. Early in the film I had to hide Kiki’s eyes from a scary fight scene (she was scared of the aliens) but other than that she was engaged and excited throughout the film. It’s a fun film for sure, set in the 90’s and has character development. Plus it’s entertaining to watch a female superhero kick butt! We are heading to DCA soon and Disney recently announced a new Captain Marvel meet and greet so the girls are super excited. Here is my Captain Marvel movie review!

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Captain Marvel Movie Review: Theme

Captain Marvel has a theme of resilience and bravery.  Carol Danvers gets knocked down so many times in this movie (sometimes literally) but she gets right up. It’s such an important message to young girls and women.


The movie takes place in the 1990’s and as a nineties kid I loved the walk down memory lane.  A fun fight scene is set to I’m Just a Girl by No Doubt and the movie closes with by Celebrity Skin by Hole.  Talk about some of the most popular girl power songs, Captain Marvel excels at capturing the 90’s!  One other thing that made us laugh was the nods to Blockbuster and Radio Shack.  Who else used to spend Friday night at a Blockbuster picking out a Disney movie?  That was my family growing up.


Without spoiling anything, there is a lovely tribute to Stan Lee in the beginning credits.  Seeing his face got a cheer from the theater.  What a special way to honor the man who made this universe possible.

Captain MArvel Merchandise

This article uses affiliate links. Thank you for supporting my site!

If you are looking to find some fun Captain Marvel merchandise I have a few things to share!  Alex and Ani has released a beautiful bracelet that is found on the Shop Disney Website. 

captain marvel bracelet

Target has some really fun shirts for both women and children

I also spotted these fun Captain Marvel figures at Target!

Kiki’s dress is from Target in the big girls section. 


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