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tween disney clothing

Places to Find Tween Disney Clothes They Will Love!

I have a tween and dressing her for Disney trips has been some of the most fun I’ve had in this Disney life we lead.  I think it’s probably because my tween is really laid back about her wardrobe but only to a point! What is my tween concerned about?  She doesn’t want frilly or baby character items.  In fact, if they have to be character items, they have to be cool.  Clothes have to be fashionable but comfortable enough to spend an entire day at the parks.  Disney flair (backpacks, clips, hair accessories) is absolutely necessary.  In the last few years, I’ve started to find brands and items that work for my tween who is too young for most of the stuff I find in the juniors section but also too old for the girl’s section.  Here are a few places to find tween Disney clothes!

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