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decluttering a playroom

Tips for Decluttering a Playroom in 2023!

It’s a new year and you want a clean playroom. Your mind starts to race, anxiety raises about where to begin. I’ve been there. The playroom tends to be one of the messiest spots in the house. Twice a year I go through and purge and tweak the space! It may seem overwhelming but with a solid plan you can get a playroom into shape. Here are my tips for decluttering a playroom during quarantine or in 2022!

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decluttering a playroom
decluttering a playroom new year
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minimalist playroom holiday decor

Minimalist Playroom Holiday Decor

For the second year in a row the girls requested that their playroom be decorated for Christmas and I was only too happy to oblige.  I wanted to challenge myself to use just our existing minimalist playroom holiday decor and not have to buy anything new! We eventually plan to make this a guest room but for now, everyday I hear Kiki’s little voice and hands “baking” so it remains a play space for my aspiring baker.  To keep it low on the clutter I regularly purge and put away toys.  We then cycle them back in after a few months.  I also keep that vintage Lane chest in the room which holds their stuffed animals.  The toys are out of the way when not played with but easily accessible when the girls need their AG dolls and tsum tsums.Read More »Minimalist Playroom Holiday Decor