Changes to the Jungle Cruise Ride at Disneyland!

Some exciting changes are coming to The Jungle Cruise ride in Disneyland Park at Disneyland Resort.  Please tell me that you’ve been on this ride. According to Disney, the original Jungle Cruise opened on July 17, 1955 at Disneyland Park. Based on Disney’s award-winning True-Life Adventure films, the attraction had a more educational tone. In the early 1960s, Walt Disney introduced more drama and asked animator Marc Davis to sketch some humorous gags. It’s one of my favorite ride to take the kids on especially when they were babies, because it was 15 minutes of just sitting and laughing! The Jungle Cruise is cheesy fun with ridiculous jokes but it’s also racist as it portrays indigenous people as savages and headhunters.  Here are some of the changes coming to the Jungle Cruise ride.

changes to jungle cruise ride

The concept art released by Disney show a change of the “trapped safari” scene, in which adventurers rush up a tree to avoid the horn of an angry rhinoceros. It looks like this might have been the crew of the crashed boat in the concept art below.

changes to jungle cruise ride

Another change?  The skipper themselves! “For the first time ever, the skipper role will not only be that of a live, experienced and witty guide, but also represented by a show figure within the attraction itself,” said Kevin Lively, a story editor with Walt Disney Imagineering.

WHY Change the The Jungle Cruise? 

“As Imagineers, it is our responsibility to ensure experiences we create and stories we share reflect the voices and perspective of the world around us,” said Carmen Smith, creative development and inclusion strategies executive at Walt Disney Imagineering, in a statement.

A “Jungle Cruise” movie starring Emily Blunt and The Rock (as the skipper) is due out in July 2021!  Right now it’s unknown if the movie and the new ride changes will overlap.

What do you think about the changes?

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