See These 5 Characters at Galaxy’s Edge!

It’s safe to say that we had a BLAST exploring Disneyland’s Galaxy Edge. We ended up with a few reservations so we were able to experience the land of Batuu during the morning and night. Hands down my favorite time was in the morning when it was still cloudy and cool. While everyone was in line for the Cantina or Smuggler’s run, we took the time to explore the buildings and all of the characters that roamed the area. Here are 5 characters at Galaxy’s Edge!


I love that Rey roams around Batuu usually near the main entrance where the tie fighters are parked. She will often walk the path and then escort children to see her X wing which will often have smoke coming out of it. 

Rey is constantly on the move and looking out for Storm Troopers which means that she doesn’t spend a ton of time with one group of people.It also means that she isn’t in a set place and often can be found roaming the entrance.

characters at galaxys edge

Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren made an appearance in a skit at Docking Bay 9 which is adjacent to the entrance to the Smuggler’s Run.  He roams around the stage for a bit and then mingles in the crowd escorted by Storm Troopers on the hunt for members of the Resistance.

Storm Troopers

The Storm Troopers are all over Batuu.  They engage with guests and often pull people out of line.  One spotted Kiki’s resistance button and asked her if she was “adventurous or a troublemaker?”  When Kiki replied both, the storm trooper promised to keep an eye on her because they don’t like troublemakers in Batuu.  It was such a fun exchange! 

Vi Moradi

characters in Galaxys edge vi Moradi

Vi Moradi’s is Princess Leia’s top-secret spy and is roaming around Batuu, trying to avoid Storm Troopers and find other allies to help the Resistance.  Like Rey, she is ducking the First Order and so she is constantly on the move.  She will chat for a bit and then duck behind a corner or behind a Batuu resident. 

Vi is also the main star of a stunt show in which she clashes with several Storm Troopers across from the Black Spire Depot.  


Chewbacca is another roaming character and can usually be found near the ancient ruins of Batuu.  We went to get in the line that was forming only to see him spin and walk back towards the blue X wing!  The girls and I followed him and patiently waited to get a pic snapped.  Chewy also does a short skit with Rey in which they attempt to fix the busted X-wing.

In addition to these characters at Galaxy’s Edge the Batuu cast members are all very fun to interact with. We had one wander over and question us about the blue milk and ask what our Porg’s name was when they spotted Amaya holding her new purchase! What character are you looking forward to seeing?


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    1. Hopefully they will bring more in!

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