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Places to Grab a Cocktail at Disneyland Resort and DCA 2024

Did you know that you can get a good cocktail at Disneyland Resort? While Disneyland only sells alcohol at Club 33 and Oga’s Cantina, California Adventure, and the hotels have lots of places to get your drink on! Here are places to grab a cocktail at Disneyland Resort and DCA!

places to grab a cocktail at Disneyland Resort.  photo shows cocktails at Lamplight Lounge
Cocktails at Lamplight Lounge

Places to grab a cocktail at Disneyland Resort and Disney California Adventure!

1. Trader Sam’s

Located within the Disneyland Hotel grounds, Trader Sam’s is a must-visit for cocktail enthusiasts. With its tropical ambiance, live music, and ample seating options, this hidden gem provides an unforgettable experience. Indulge in their famous Uh Oa or Classic Mai Tai while enjoying the patio atmosphere.

2. Carthay Circle

For a touch of elegance, head to Carthay Circle, both a restaurant and lounge. While reservations are recommended, the lounge area often allows walk-ins for a drink and appetizer. Immerse yourself in the sophisticated atmosphere while savoring a perfectly crafted cocktail. Both need reservations (although we’ve walked into the lounge portion several times to have an appetizer and a drink.

Try the famous Pear martini!

3.  Flo’s

Surprisingly, Flo’s at Disney California Adventure offers more than just delicious food. Quench your thirst with their selection of beer, sangria, and other refreshing beverages. However, if you prefer a wider variety and value for your money, Lamplight Lounge is a great alternative. Flo’s offers beer and sangria in addition to some delicious food.  The cups are pricey (and small) so if you want to get your money’s worth, head to Lamplight Lounge instead.

4.  Hollywood Lounge

Indulge in the Hollywood ambiance at Hollywood Lounge, where you can choose from an impressive selection of beers, micheladas, hard cider, and cocktails. Keep an eye out for their seasonal drink offerings, perfect for trying something new and exciting. I usually get a margarita but they often have fun seasonal drink offerings.

5.  Oga’s Cantina in Batuu

Step into the immersive world of Batuu and visit Oga’s Cantina, one of the few places in Disneyland where you can enjoy alcoholic beverages. With a reservation required for entry, make sure to secure your spot and experience the unique concoctions and lively atmosphere.

Get a reservation as soon as you can.  Lots of different alcoholic offerings here but you need a reservation to get in the door.

6. Hearthstone Lounge

Discover the charms of Hearthstone Lounge, featuring various seating options such as small tables and cozy couches. Treat yourself to their margaritas or indulge in the refreshing acai lemonade while enjoying the relaxed ambiance. Try the margaritas and the acai lemonade!

10 places to get a cocktail at Disneyland Resort and DCA

7. Rita’s 

I can’t discuss places to grab a cocktail at Disneyland Resort without mentioning Rita’s in Disney California Adventure! The margarita stand in the Pacific Harbor area opens at 11 and is a great icy treat for those scalding hot days at Disney. When the sun is scorching hot, this margarita stand is a welcomed icy treat to cool you down and lift your spirits.

8. Lamplight Lounge

Embrace the fun and vibrant atmosphere at Lamplight Lounge. The watermelon margarita with Tajin or the classic agave are our favorite drinks here. 

They offer a full bar and lots of fun drinks with dry ice but I like to stick with the classics.

9. Cozy Cone 

While options may be limited, the Cozy Cone allows you to spike your lemonade or pomegranate limeade with vodka. It’s the perfect way to add a little kick to your fruity beverage and enjoy it as you explore Disney California Adventure.

10. Tangaroa Terrace Bar & Grill

Tangaroa Terrace (next to Trader Sam’s) is the only place at the resort where you can get a Rum DOLE Whip®! It’s a DOLE Whip® Float served with a choice of Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Coconut Rum or Myers’s Dark Rum.

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