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Creating a Book Nook for Kids!

An extra room in our home meant free space for the kids to play and use their imaginations. I also knew that I wanted to create a cozy book nook where they could relax and read! Creating a book nook is a fairly easy project and I’m here to share some tips on how to create a cozy space for kids to read in!

creating a book nook valentines
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Book Storage

Books storage is probably the most important place to start when creating a book nook.  Whether it’s shelves or a bookcase, the storage should be easily accessible to anyone using the book nook.  I used Amazon picture ledges to create my book nook.  The books gently lean against the wall and the ledges are great to affix garlands to add some seasonal decor.

Book Nooks Need Comfortable Seating

Consider using colorful floor pillows, a soft rug or a fun wicker chair for your kids to curl up on.  I found this fun wicker chair at Cost Plus but we also have cozy pillows to switch out when the kids want to stretch out on the floor.  In our book nook, a soft rug from Urban Outfitters adds a pop of color.

creating a book nook

Decorate For Each Season

It’s not for everyone but I personally love to decorate the playroom and the book nook for each season. I keep a small number of seasonal garlands to decorate the book nook.  Places like Target and Amazon have adorable garlands to drape over your shelves.    

halloween book nook
christmas book nook

Have a Good Amount of Books

Even as a minimalist, we have a good amount of books.  I store them in a container under the kid’s bed, and we usually switch out per season.  Right now it’s a good mix of board books for Kiki and chapter books and graphic novels for the big sister.  Here are some ideas for some Disney Books and kid’s graphic novels for Black History Month!

Good Lighting is Key To Creating a Book Nook

Good lighting is essential to creating a book nook!  Our playroom has a large window that I always keep open.  In addition, we have canned lighting that keeps the room bright in the evening. Good lighting is key to creating a book nook because it makes reading more comfortable, reduces eye strain, and creates an inviting space that makes kids want to spend time there.

It’s important to have a combination of natural light, task light, ambient light, and accent light. This way you can adjust the lighting depending on the task you are doing, making the space more functional.

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