The Best Decluttering Tips for Hoarders!

We have all been there when we end up hoarding something that we know for sure we don’t need. Whether it’s something that you collect, things that are hard to get rid of, it’s easy to struggle to declutter efficiently every few weeks. Decluttering seems easier when you watch people do it online, but it can be extremely time-consuming and difficult to do it yourself. Hoarding is a problem because you struggle to throw away things that you no longer need around the house. To make decluttering less of a nightmare for you, I’m giving some amazing decluttering tips for hoarders that can help! 

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1. start decluttering right away

You cannot get anything done unless you make it a point to just start decluttering. You have to convince yourself to at least start in some way even if you know that you won’t get everything done in one single day. 

One of the best decluttering tips for hoarders is to start decluttering before you can convince yourself that you don’t need to do it at all. Once you get started, you can later decide what exactly you want to throw away and how you can do it easily. But the very first and essential step is to get started with the decluttering process first. 

2. Clothes can be your first easy target 

One of the things that most of us do end up hoarding in one or the other way are clothes. Sometimes we want to save them for the next season, or just keep them until we find the perfect opportunity to wear them. 

In reality, you probably don’t need half the things in the overflowing closet that you have. If those clothes in good condition and you know for sure you won’t wear them, it’s a better idea to donate them to someone in need. Once you declutter your closet, you will feel a lot happier about the clear space. 

3. Separate needed things from clear trash

Trash isn’t just something that’s already in the garbage – it’s something that is around the house and takes up space for no reason. It’s time to start getting those things away from the house. 

A useful tip for decluttering a room is to walk through the house and first collect things that are trash or recyclable. Anything like old papers, torn clothes, broken can be considered trash should be tossed or recycled immediately. Once you are done that your house may look cleaner than it was been before. 

4. starting small will help hoarders declutter successfully

Setting unrealistic decluttering goals will only make it easier for you to fail and continue to be a hoarder. Instead, it’s better to start simple and small to get yourself back into the decluttering mindset. 

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You don’t have to overwhelm yourself by setting important goals and starting with the biggest clutter in the house. Start with something that is doable and won’t take too much time like your vehicle, fridge, desk or pantry. Slowly, you can get used to the process of throwing away useless things and keeping only what you need. Remember that you are your own boss and you are allowed to work at your own speed while decluttering a room or the entire house. 

5. Set a timer while you declutter the house

When you start decluttering a room, it is easy to lose track and be at it for hours which might not always bring good results. Thus, it’s better to declutter in a specific amount of time so you don’t focus too much. 

It is also less overwhelming to do it for a small amount of time at a time and you can do it regularly over weeks. You also don’t end up feeling discouraged by just looking at how much you still need to get done. 

6. Having a proper decluttering plan will always make things easier

If you know that decluttering your space is going to take a lot of time, it’s a smart idea to have a proper plan to help you out. That way, you also will end up getting done more and feel extra productive.  Plan where you want to start and what kind of clutter you want to focus on first. Also decide how you want to get rid of things you need and also organize whatever is left in the house after decluttering. 

7. Identify Triggers so areas don’t become cluttered again

There are some things we tend to hoard because we think they might come in handy later on, but most of the time this just isn’t the case. Identify what these triggers are and try to avoid them in the future by imagining a scenario where you want to find a specific item and it turns out you already have it at home.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the thought of decluttering any space so I hope that these tips give you confidence to start decluttering right away and feel more productive and happier in life!

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