Learn Why You Need to Detox Your Decaf!

Things are really different for us this year. With two parents working from home full time, everything we need is now in our home and we rarely leave due to the pandemic. I used to love running over to Starbucks for a cup of coffee but now, we brew at home. For me, I love a morning hot cup in the kitchen.  Usually my husband (who y’all know is serious about his coffee) makes a fresh batch and we chat about what’s on tap for the day before the kids are up.  I treasure this quiet time, where it’s just the sounds of us moving around in the kitchen.

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How do you take your coffee?☕️

I take my coffee with oat milk and a pump of vanilla syrup.  

Do you know what I don’t want in it? Methylene chloride!

Don’t know what methylene chloride is?  It’s the active ingredient in paint strippers, which is found in popular decaffeinated coffee.  The presence of methylene chloride in decaf coffee is particularly alarming given that people who are looking to reduce caffeine intake (pregnant women, the elderly, and people with heart disease) opt for decaf coffee.

I’ve partnered with the cleanlabelproject and it’s their mission is to raise awareness about the presence of potentially dangerous environmental contaminants and toxins in everyday consumer products. The FDA currently allows methylene chloride to be used in the coffee decaffeination process and brands are not required to disclose which decaffeination process they use on their labels.  That is really concerning!

Clean Label Project tested 25 popular brands found in major retailers for the presence of methylene chloride. TEN brands tested positive!

What it comes down to is that we as the consumer need to demand more information and change. Check out the image below to find out how you can #DetoxYourDecaf!

For more information visit Clean Label Project!

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