Discovering Avila Beach California 2023!

I didn’t know much about San Luis Obispo but we decided to take a trip down the coast with some family.  We spent the entire day at the beach, watched a lovely fireworks display, ate at Splash Café (the steamed clams were delicious!!!), played in the indoor swimming pool, walked the piers, fell in love while discovering Avila Beach California, and in general just relaxed with family.

avila beach california

Avila Beach California was by far my favorite area and the kids had a blast exploring Avila Valley Barn.  These are the types of places I wish were closer to me, but barns and farms are about an hour from where I live.  

The kids fed the goats, which were too cute, and had fun wandering the grounds.  We personally had fun sampling the sweets and buying fresh berry preserves and pies. It’s certainly a place to stop if you have kids.


  1. Parking can be a beast, get to Avila Beach early in the day to find a spot.  If the parking lot is filled you can try your luck on the streets, but parking can be tight on popular weekends.
  2. Grab a delicious ice cream on the boardwalk/pier and watch the sunset.
  3. People watch by swinging on the swing set that is located centrally to the Boardwalk.
  4. A lovely farmer’s market is available during Spring through early fall.  The produce is amazing!
  5. On your way out or in, stop at Avila Valley Barn for local sundries and to feed the goats!

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