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10 Disney Aulani Mistakes to Avoid

When we first visited Disney’s Aulani resort, we literally didn’t have much info to go on.  Now that the resort has just celebrated 7 years of being open, we’ve been able to visit several times.  Here are 10 Disney Aulani mistakes to avoid for first-time visitors!

aulani mistakes to avoid
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Don’t make these Mistakes at Aulani!

1.  Not taking advantage of Disney photo pass. 

The Aulani photo pass is $99 and so worth it!  Aulani photographers are so talented and they even wait at the beach at sunset to take photos.

2.  Packing too much. 

This is the newbie mistake I made the first time we went to Aulani.  I packed way too much stuff and found that we lived in swimsuits and coverups. Almost everything else never made it out of my suitcase.  Here are some ideas on what to pack.

aulani church

3.  Not getting a reusable mug or popcorn bucket. 

I thought it would be a waste of money but we use the mugs so much during our trips.  Coffee in the morning or lemonade in the afternoon for the kids.  I also try to get reusable popcorn buckets for our visits, refills are just $1! They also double as a great sandcastle tool!

4.  Not checking the Iwa daily. 

The Iwa will tell you all the activities happening at Aulani.  You can pick one up at the front desk each day.

5.  Buying snacks on site. 

Kalepa’s only has a limited amount of snacks and they can be pricey!  We usually pack applesauce pouches, popcorn bags and pretzels! Stock up on snacks at Target or even at the ABC store across the street from Aulani.  Here are some options for grocery shopping near Aulani.

6.   Paying for water. 

There are several ice water stations all over the resort.  Fill up your bottle and stay hydrated in the Hawaii heat!  This is my favorite water bottle to pack for the resort!

7.  Skipping reservations. 

The restaurants get busy since they also take visitors that are not staying at Aulani.  Reservations are a must for the character breakfasts and for more formal meals at places like Ama Ama.

If you’re planning a vacation, make sure to use Get Away Today– they offer the best prices and services. Make sure to let them know This Bliss Life sent you!

8.  Visiting during popular times like Spring Break. 

One of the major mistakes to avoid is not researching hotel capacities before you book!  Research Aulani’s busiest times before you book your trip!  During Spring Break and holidays, it can be tough to get pool chairs.  Don’t go unprepared for a crowd!

9. Not bringing pins to trade. 

Aulani has pin traders for cast members!  Have the front desk or the staff at Kalepa’s help you trade!  Head here to buy a starter set if you have never traded before!

10.  Not requesting a high room. 

Nothing is guaranteed but if you call early enough, sometimes you can request a higher floor and a view!

BONUS: Not splurging on a special treat.  There are lots of activities at Aulani to splurge on but some of the ones that are worth it are the character meals at Makahiki and spa treatments!

Disney’s Aulani is such a fun experience that can be made seamless with the right amount of planning.  If you can successfully avoid these 10 mistakes, I guarantee your trip will be worth the price!

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