All You Need to Know Disney Aulani Popcorn Bucket| 2024

Did you know that Disney Aulani has refillable popcorn buckets on site? There are been many times when my family and I have lounged at the resort snacking on Disney popcorn as a quick snack in between meals. Here is what you need to know about the Disney Aulani Refillable Popcorn Bucket!

Aulani popcorn bucket

Where to find the Disney Aulani Popcorn Bucket

Disney Aulani sells popcorn buckets at Ulu Cafe. The Ulu Cafe is located on the first floor of Aulani Resort, adjacent to the Wailana Pool.

How Much Is the Disney Aulani Popcorn Bucket

Disney Aulani Popcorn buckets are $8.

How Much Are Disney Aulani Refills?

Refills are free for DVC members only. You need to show a valid DVC card/ID or your DVC pool bracelet. For all other guests, refills are now $2. Due to COVID protocols, the popcorn comes in a paper bag that you fill your bucket with.

Officially the refillable popcorn buckets are supposed to be only for your length of stay. Disney Aulani staff do not ask for a receipt to prove when you bought it. It is on the honor system. People will bring them back or pass them on to other guests.

If you are planning on taking the popcorn with you off-site and you are leaving the resort before 11 AM – you need to get the refill the day/night before because refills are not available until 11 AM at Ulu Cafe.


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  1. Is the popcorn at Aulani the same popcorn that you’d get at Disney World in FL or Disneyland in CA?

    1. I believe so! It tastes exactly the same to me.

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