A Disney Store Birthday Freebie Haul

I got a ton of questions on Facebook when I posted that we were at the Disney Store! Apparently Disney Stores offer a birthday freebie to children so I decided to do a blog post about it!
We happened to be in the mall after her birthday celebration at school so I could grab a few things and P took her into the Disney Store.  He told her she could pick out a toy and while she was deciding on what Monsters University stuffed animal to get, he said something like, “Well it’s your birthday…”.  A cast member overheard and told them to wait there.  He came out with a bag of Disney store birthday freebie items to celebrate her birthday.
disney store birthday freebie

In the bag was a paper birthday crown, a certificate that the cast member signed (along with Mickey Mouse), a folder with 5 Brave lithographs, 4 bookmarks and a button with her name and happy birthday on it.

Now, I don’t know if every Disney Store does this so like anything YMMV.  I would call ahead to at see if your local store participates in a similar Disney store birthday freebie event.  For us, it was such a cute surprise and made her birthday that much better.


disney store birthday freebie

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