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Entertaining Facts from Disney Who’s Who Book

In the updated edition of this comprehensive guide, get to know more about your favorite Disney and Disney*Pixar characters-and meet some you may not know. 

What is the name of Alice’s cat? Who is Gilbert Huph? How many hairs does Elsa have on her head? Don’t know? You will soon! With more than six hundred character bios and a whole host of fun facts, you’ll be a Disney character expert in no time!

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Disney who's who refresh

Disney Who’s Who (Refresh) is a fun encyclopedia type of book that categorizes most of the Disney animated movies and their characters.  The books as each movie separated by the movies signature colors, for example The Little Mermaid section is under a blue colored margin that matches the color of Ariel’s tail! 

As an unexpected perk of Who’s Who, my 7 year old has been using it to practice her reading.  She finds some of her favorite movies such as Tangled or Wreck it Ralph and then reads us the details on the characters or the fun Did You Know tidbits. It helps that each section has colorful illustrations that remind her and me what the characters in each movie look like. As a experiment, I left the book out on the coffee table and it’s one of the first things guests reach for to thumb through. There’s something about learning new facts about your favorite animated movie- its addicting!

Speaking of the Did You Know tidbits, that is our favorite aspect of this book!  Author Brooke Vitale has curated some really interesting facts about the characters and movies!  I’m sharing several entertaining facts that stuck out to us to give the reader an idea of what  little tidbits this books hold:

  • Lilo’s name can mean both “lost” and “the generous one” in Hawaiian.
  • Tiana is left handed.
  • In early drafts of the movie, Lotso was a care bear.
  • One early draft of the script of Cinderella featured a longer ending, including a solo song for the Prince.
  • Olaf is not able to bend his arms.
  • In the original script for Wreck-It-Ralph, Felix was the star of the movie.
  • Eve was created with the help of Apple designer Jonathan Ive, who designed the iPod.

Disney Who’s Who (Refresh) is available now!

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