Four Disneyland Secrets Even Locals Don’t Know

Whether you are a lover of all things Disneyland or you love hearing about hidden secrets and stories of Disney, then you may have heard rumors or stories of some of these odd hidden gems at Disneyland. While you may have noticed the Build a Bear in Ballast or heard about the Lilly Belle train car, you may not know why they’re special or the story behind them! Here are a few Disneyland secrets that even locals don’t know about.

The Hidden Story Behind the Build a Bear at Ballast Point

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Build a Bear used to have a giant store in Downtown Disney and was replaced by Ballast Point, but if you are a lover of hidden Disney gems, you will want to head here. You can find a single Pirate themed Build a Bear with a Ballast logo on his hat. While you may have seen this bear many times, you may not have known why he was there.


Figment is from the Journey into Imagination ride, but due to unfortunate events, he’s now in the collected creatures of the Guardians of the Galaxy ride. He can be hard to see if you don’t know to look for him, but you can find him in the queue for the Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout ride if you know to look for it. He’s near the ceiling in one of the cages.

The Lilly Belle Train Car

disneyland secrets even locals don't know

While you may know that this train car is named after Walt’s wife Lillian, this vintage parlor car looks just like Walt and Lillian’s apartment! What you may not know about this unique train car is that Lillian herself decorated it! This car is usually reserved for special guests and tours, but sometimes you can ask for a sneak peek inside if you ask a Cast Member. This isn’t always out, but you can see it in the Grand Circle Tour and take a ride in the Lilly Belle.

The Split Light Bulb

If you head to the refreshment corner, you will find red and white light bulbs all around the entrance to the refreshment corner. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this location, it’s very similar to Casey’s Corner in Disney World. If you take the time to count the different light bulbs, you may have noticed that there is an odd number of light bulbs. Rumor has it that Walt has suggested that to keep the pattern going, it would be best to paint one of the bulbs half red and half white to keep the pattern.

If you love hidden Disney facts and stories, then you will love hearing about the wacky stories behind some of Disneyland’s hidden gems. While some of these were done to reuse props or to pay tribute to Walt’s ideas, many of these hidden gems are decades old now with no chance of being changed in sight. While many locals may have noticed the bear or know about the Lilly Belle, you may be shocked to learn that they don’t know the story behind it!

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Four Disneyland Secrets Even Locals Don’t Know

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