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Disneyland’s Tropical Hideaway Review!

There is nothing better than finding a table at a Disneyland location and resting your feet. What if you were able to rest with a delicious Dole Whip or a large piece of juicy watermelon? Well, Tropical Hideaway might be the exact place you are looking for!

Disneyland's tropical hideaway

Disneyland’s Tropical Hideaway Location

Tropical Hideaway is located directly behind the Tiki Room in Disneyland Park.  You may remember that this was the former location of the Aladdin meet and greet AND the large courtyard next to Jungle Cruise.  What used to be a deserted area of the Park is now a bustling quick-service restaurant! Tropical Hideaway has two access areas, the front area just before the signage and a side entrance that can be accessed from the Tiki Room back porch!

Disneyland’s Topical Hideaway Ambiance

Tropical Hideaway has a fun atmosphere and it’s designed to feel like a secluded spot where travelers can take a break and enjoy some refreshments.  It has a talking bird (Rosita!) and a great view of people on the Jungle Cruise ride.  It’s still fairly new and a lot of people don’t know about the space mostly because it’s tucked away in Adventureland!  The decor reminds me of a Moroccan bazaar and the quick-service restaurant fits seamlessly into the Adventureland theme.  There are gorgeous hanging lamps, fun signs that remind me of Trader Sam’s and seating shaded by large awnings.

Disneyland’s Tropical Hideaway Food

Why wait in the long Dole Whip line by the Tiki Room queue?  Head over to Tropical Hideaway and get different types of Dole Whip.  They have a “loaded” option which adds dried fruit to add to your cup.  They also have a swirl version with pineapple and raspberry flavors but sadly, they were sold out of the raspberry flavor when we visited.

tropical hideaway bao

Tropical Hideaway also has a small variety of Bao, dumplings filled with meat.  Our favorite Bao was the Lime Chicken version that is steamed right in front of you!  We found the filling to be so flavorful.  It had chunks of chicken, squash, and lots of fresh herbs.  Sounds strange I know, but it was delicious!  They have two other options for Boa, a beef version, and a vegetarian version.    This quick-service restaurant also sells drinks and large portions of watermelon, pineapple, and jumbo pickles.

Tropical Hideaway also offers delicious sweet lumpia as a dessert option. Lumpia is a Filipino dish usually filled with meat or veggies, but Disney put cream cheese in the center, fried them and then rolled them in cinnamon sugar. They also added a fun dole whip syrup to dip each lumpia in. Delicious!

The restaurant is wheelchair accessible, and there is a designated accessible seating area for guests with disabilities.


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Tropical Hideaway offers lots of seating and a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of Disneyland. Have you visited? What did you think? If you’re planning a Disneyland vacation, make sure to use Get Away Today – they offer the best prices and service. Plus, you can save an extra $10 off packages with promo code BLISS.


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