The Best Donut Shops in San Jose CA 2023

When those donut cravings hit, nothing satisfies quite like the best donuts San Jose has to offer. From longtime institutions to new artisanal spots, San Jose boasts incredible donuts to please every palate. In this article, we’ll visit local favorites, uncover hole-in-the-wall gems, and dive into the heavenly treats that make breakfast epic. So grab a coffee and let’s get started on the best donut shops in San Jose!

Bascom Donuts 

Bascom Donuts is a beloved mom-and-pop shop situated on Bascom Avenue in San Jose and is considered one of the best donut shops in the South Bay Area. They offer both traditional and specialty donuts, with prices ranging from $1.25 for simple glazed donuts up to $3.50 for more elaborate flavors like maple bacon or cookies & cream. Some of their most popular donuts are apple fritters, chocolate bars, and blueberry. 

For parking, Bascom Donuts has a small lot in front that can accommodate 10-15 cars. Additional parking is available along Bascom Avenue or in the neighboring commercial plaza. With reasonable prices for tasty classic donuts served in a retro environment, Bascom Donuts has remained a local favorite spot with the best selection of good donuts. 

Their old-fashioned appeal and delicious donuts make parking in their small lot or finding street parking well worth the effort for many. Regulars know to embrace early mornings to grab one of the coveted spots in the Bascom Donuts parking area.

Address: 3966 S Bascom Ave San Jose, CA 95124

O’Henry’s Donuts

O’Henry’s Donuts is an old-fashioned donut shop that has remained a favorite in San Jose for over 40 years. This no-fuss shop offers all the classic donut varieties, with prices ranging from $1.25 for simple glazed and cake donuts up to $3.50 for more elaborate selections.

donut shops san jose O'henry's shop
O henry’s Donuts Danielle C. Yelp

O’Henry’s is renowned for its enormous apple fritters, fluffy buttermilk bars, and traditional raised glazed donuts. They also offer a unique bear claw pastry that fans crave.

In addition to the classics, O’Henry’s rotates in a variety of donut flavors to keep things interesting. All their donuts are made fresh daily with simple, quality ingredients. Customers know to stop by early if they want to grab their favorite O’Henry’s donuts when they’re warm and peak fresh.

The shop’s old-school charm in the south Bay Area is part of the appeal along with their consistent donuts. One downside is O’Henry’s small parking area, which fits 10-15 cars. However, street parking is readily available around the shop. Devotees don’t mind circling the block and tracking down a spot for O’Henry’s giant apple fritters, fluffy buttermilk bars, and the coveted bear claw. The tried-and-true flavors keep loyal customers coming back.

Address:  5709 Cottle Rd San Jose, CA 95123

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts on Blossom Hill Road is a longtime chain but it’s iconic for a reason. The instant those hot, sugary glazed donuts slide down the assembly line, my taste buds tingle in anticipation. Krispy Kreme provides that nostalgic donut shop experience, drawing you in with the aroma of fresh fried dough. Beyond the classic glazed, I love their other cream varieties.

While the donuts are addictively sweet, a cup of great coffee balances each sugary bite. For old-fashioned glazed donuts done right, Krispy Kreme is a reliable local favorite.

Address: 121 Curtner Ave Ste 40 San Jose, CA 95125

​Maple Leaf Donuts

​Maple Leaf Donuts is a classic donut shop situated in San Jose. They offer both traditional and specialty donuts, with prices ranging from $1.25 for a simple glazed donut up to $3.50 for more elaborate flavors. Customer favorites include their classic raised glazed, apple fritters, and blueberry cake donut. 

For parking, Maple Leaf has a small lot in front which accommodates about 10-15 cars. Additional parking can be found along the street or in the adjoining business plaza. Maple Leaf is known for surprising customers with a couple of free donut holes tossed into each bag or box. 

With reasonable prices for delicious old-fashioned donuts in a no-fuss shop and friendly staff, Maple Leaf has remained a favored neighborhood spot. Their classic charm, tasty donuts, and occasional free treats make it worth hunting for parking. Regulars know to come early or expect to find street parking in order to enjoy Maple Leaf’s offerings and maybe even score free bonus donut holes in their order.

Address: 6469 Almaden Expy Ste 70 San Jose, CA 95120

Rose Cafe and Donuts

Rose Cafe and Donuts is a popular neighborhood donut shop located on Saratoga Avenue in West San Jose. While they are known for their breakfast burrito meals, they also offer classic and specialty donuts ranging from $1.25 for a simple glazed donut up to $3.50 for more unique flavors.

Some of their most popular donuts include chocolate, old-fashioned, and their signature raised glazed. Rose Cafe doesn’t have a ton of donut flavors but they don’t need to because their classic flavors are that perfect blend of soft and pillowy.

For parking, the West San Jose location on Saratoga Avenue has a large parking lot able to easily accommodate lots of customers. There is also additional parking available in the surrounding retail plaza. With reasonable prices for delicious classic donuts in a no-fuss environment, Rose Cafe has continued to be a favored local spot on the west side. Their old-school charm and tasty chewy texture donuts make a visit totally worth it. 

Note: Rose Cafe and Donuts is a cash-only establishment.

Address: 994 Saratoga Ave San Jose, CA 95129

Manley’s Donuts

Manley’s Donuts is a classic neighborhood donut shop that has been a local favorite in San Jose for over 50 years. This unfussy shop is renowned for its delicious old-fashioned donuts made fresh daily and is considered one of the best donut shops in San Jose. Prices range from $1.25 for simple cake or yeasted donuts up to $3.50 for more premium flavors.

donut shops san jose
Photo courtesy of Manley’s Facebook page

Their most popular options include raised glazed, bear claws, apple fritters, and classic chocolate bars. Everything at Manley’s is reasonably priced for a satisfying, no-frills donut experience with the best service.

In addition to all the classic flavors, Manley’s also offers specialty options that rotate regularly. Customers can find monthly specials like red velvet, pumpkin spice, and strawberry for seasonal variety. Their donuts are always baked fresh each morning and sell out quickly. Many devotees stop in early to grab their desired donuts hot and fresh.

One drawback of Manley’s homey shop is the lack of dedicated parking. Regulars know to come early to secure a good spot. The tried-and-true flavors and reasonable prices make circling the block well worth it. Manley’s has retained its die-hard fans for over five decades by delivering delicious classic donuts with unwavering consistency.

Address: 1592 Meridian Ave San Jose, CA 95125

Happy Donuts

At Happy Donuts in east San Jose, the conveyor belt donut maker cranks out warm, fresh donuts nonstop. It’s one of the only local shop donut spots that is open 24 hours. Their classic raised glazed and buttermilk cake donuts are hard to beat. I always have to add a bear claw and apple fritter to my box too. For maximum donuts at budget prices, Happy Donuts can’t be beat.

Address: 3849 Seven Trees Blvd, San Jose, CA 95111

Mochill Mochi Donut

Mochill Mochi Donut is a popular spot located in West San Jose that offers unique and rotating mochi donuts. Their donuts range from $3 for one to $28 for a dozen, with matcha, ube, and other specialty flavors always on the menu. They also sell mini donuts and drinks like coffee and tea. With over 20 flavors that change daily, there’s always something new to try at Mochill. 

Parking is more readily available at the West San Jose location, with a spacious parking lot directly in front of the shop. Additional parking can also be found in the surrounding retail plaza. Securing parking is much easier compared to a downtown locale.

Visitors will find innovative mochi donut flavors at reasonable prices, without the headache of hunting for urban parking. The one-of-a-kind donuts make a trip to the West San Jose location well worth it. 

Address: 675 Saratoga Ave Ste 108 San Jose, CA 95129

Vegan Bistro Donuts & Cafe

Vegan Bistro Donuts & Cafe has quickly become a popular spot for plant-based and vegan donuts in San Jose. The entirely vegan cafe offers artisanal donuts with unique flavors and high-quality ingredients. Their donuts range in price from $3.50 for simpler yeast-raised or cake donuts up to $4.50 for more specialty flavors. Signature options include green tea, cinnamon crumble and chocolate sprinkles.

In addition to donuts, Vegan Bistro prepares a variety of cafe items like breakfast sandwiches, salads, and burgers using dairy-free cheeses and plant-based meat alternatives. Prices for food range from $3 for bakery items up to $14 for plates and sandwiches. The cafe also serves specialty coffee drinks, fresh juices, smoothies, and tea.

Vegan Bistro does not have its own parking lot. However, metered street parking is available on nearby side roads. Rates are typically $1-2 per hour. Securing downtown San Jose parking takes persistence, but the scrumptious vegan options make hunting for a spot well worth it for many patrons.

Address: 449 E Santa Clara St San Jose, CA 95113

There you have it – a tour of San Jose’s tastiest and most creative donut offerings. We hit up old institutions, new gourmet spots, and hidden neighborhood gems, all united in donut deliciousness. I hope this guide inspires you to sample the city’s best bites for that morning donut fix. 

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