Tips for the Enchanting Dillon Beach!

Happy Tuesday!  Today I’m sharing some pictures of our enchanting trip to Dillon Beach that we took last weekend.  We wanted needed a weekend away and we headed up north to enjoy some time near the beach.  I’ve never been to Dillon Beach, but it’s just south of Bodega Bay, a place that we’ve spent time in before.
fog in dillon beach
The weather was gorgeous the entire weekend which was a nice surprise considering on Thursday night the fog was so thick driving to the house was a slow process.  We worked on a puzzle, drank tons of tea and hot cocoa, watched movies, hung out at the beach and generally tried not to get on each other’s nerves too much 😉
enchanting dillon beach
 Since the closest store is about 30 minutes away from the area, we ended up bringing the majority of the food to make meals.  My Sis and P whipped up a large batch of french toast for the whole gang on the first morning.  We paired it with fresh fruit and chicken-apple sausage.  My Dad created this amazing meal from an Ina Garten Clam Boil recipe and seafood from the Bodega Bay Oyster Company.  We paired it with Pinot Grigio, corn chowder and garlic bread.  It was delicious!
Overall I think everyone had a solid good time.  There’s something about the Northern Coast and Marin that I just really love.  it’s peaceful and forces us to slow down.  P and I spent a lot of time away from our phones just hanging out, talking and reading books.

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