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Exploring Gizdich Ranch A U-Pick Farm in the Bay Area| 2023

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A few weekends ago, we ended up at Gizdich Ranch, located in Watsonville a town near the Central Coast of California. With the craziness of the move, we needed to get out of the house since everyone was driving each other crazy. Gizdich is one of the few U-Pick farms still left in the Central Coast area. Here are some tips for exploring Gizdich Ranch U Pick in California!

gizdich ranch u pick

When we arrived we let the girls run around great little picnic and play area to get some energy out! The girls ended up running around and climbing all over the vintage tractor and haystacks. 

In the U-PICK fields, they now are practicing COVID protocols and social distancing: everyone must be masked, you have to use their containers, and there is plenty of space in the fields and orchards for lots of families to pick. We got a few pounds of strawberries and a couple of types of apples (Fuji and Pippin). After picking, head to the cash-out areas that have plexi glass to minimize contact even further. They take both cash and cards for payment.

In addition, Gizdich Ranch U Pick has an Antique store. It’s varies from baseball cards, toys, jewelry, and house dishes. The store is very organized and if you are into antiques you will probably find something interesting.

The pictures show a gorgeous sunshine soaked area which it was and even though it was around 75 degrees it felt like 90! We literally paired our apple pastries and pie with apple juice slushies and ice cold water, it was that hot.

The pie shop is a smaller area with a window and they sell pies, strawberry shortcake, ice cream, apple dumplings, and drinks like coffee, milk, and apple juice. I tried the apple dumpling and it was delicious!

When does gizdich ranch open for strawberry picking?

Gizdich Ranch typically opens the Strawberry U-Pick the first weekend in May. The Olallie Berries open around the second week of June and the Apples in late September.

Is Gizdich Ranch U Pick Pet friendly?

No, it’s not. Animal waste can contaminate the food being grown there so Gizdich asks that pets not be brought to the ranch.

Does gizdich U Pick sell the apple juice?

Yes they do sell fresh apple juice jugs in the Gizdich store.

Do you need reservations for the u pick?

No just show up at the ranch. Make sure to check the website though to make sure U-Pick is open!

After a few hours roaming around the girls were sufficiently tired and we made our way back home.  Gizdich Ranch is a great place to visit and if you time it right, apple and berry picking are available.

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