Exploring Sacramento with Tweens

Parenting a tween isn’t the easiest job in the world.  My eldest is getting to the age where I truly believe weekends away with just the two of us are necessary for extra bonding time.  Simple things make the difference, I usually start with gentle questions to get some feedback a bit about school, her friends, her fears and her goals.  As I’ve said before, tweens are such an interesting lot.  They are too young for most things high schoolers are into but they are adamantly NOT babies (they will tell you this multiple times.) 

As my oldest gets older I’m realizing on of my favorite things to do with her is exploring a new city.  She is always game to try a new restaurant or go for a hike, anything that keeps the boredom away.  We were recently able to explore the Downtown Sacramento area and we had a lovely time.  Here are a few tips for exploring Sacramento with Tweens!

1.  Exploring Sacramento with Tweens- Mural Hunting

Is your tween on instagram?  Find the brightest and boldest murals in Downtown Sacramento to take some selfies in.  We went on a walking tour with our lovely friends so find some great walls to photograph.  Favorites were the Lady Bird and Mod Girls murals that can be found just east of the Capital Building. 

2.  Exploring Sacramento with Tweens-Treat Tasting

Most tweens like sweet things so explore the neighborhood bakeries.  After a busy afternoon, we stopped by for cold drinks and a sweet bite in a local bakery.  My tween loved the fruit pockets and cupcakes at Freeport Bakery. This particular bakery has a gorgeous mural on the side of the building!   

3.  Exploring Sacramento with Tweens-Rent a Bike

Sacramento has about 190 Jump bikes sprinkled all over the downtown and midtown areas.  The interesting thing about Jump bikes is that they are electric.  So you hop on and start to peel but you are also boosted by an electric motor that can get you up to 15mph.  They also are equipped with lights and a bell. 

Make sure to set up the app and your account ahead of time.  The ride costs 41 for the first 15 minutes and then .07 for each additional minute.  When you and your tween are done lock the bike in any bike rack.  Make sure to park the bike within the service area or you will be charged a $25 fee.

4.  Exploring Sacramento with Tweens- River Fun

We headed over to the American River to swim and explore the banks.  There are so many places along the river to picnic and explore.  Even though it’s smack dab in the middle of a large bustling city, the river banks e super quiet and most have ducks and sandy beaches perfect for a relaxing afternoon!

5.  Exploring Sacramento with Tweens- Shopping

Many tweens love to shop and so does mine.  The good thing about Sacramento is that there are amazing vintage shops and large-scale malls for everything a tween could want!  We browsed through the large bookstore at Westfield Arden Fair Mall and all the vintage toys at the monthly Sacramento Antique fair. 

The good thing about Sacramento is that the yearly fair weather makes exploring the various neighborhoods with tweens ideal.  Do you have any unusual activities for a tween to do in Sacramento?  Leave them in the comments!


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