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Frozen 2 Inspired Easter Basket + Printables!

Frozen 2 has a large presence in our home and now that it is streaming on Disney+, it’s easily on the television at least twice a week. What better way to pass quarantine time than to watch a lovely movie that celebrates sisterhood and family? I created a Frozen 2 Inspired Easter basket for my seven year old and am showing ways it can be adapted for older kids.

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frozen 2 inspired easter basket

I found a small Easter basket in my attic and used it to create a Frozen 2 easter basket theme. I included an Elsa Pop Funko, Pop Adventure Anna toy (they remind me of Polly Pockets!), some Frozen 2 Lip Smacker lip balm, candy and Frozen 2 printable sheets!

frozen 2 printable sheets

Older Kids may like these chapter books from Disney/Hyperion. Swap out the toys for some books Like Elsa’s Icy Rescue and Anna Finds a Friend for an Frozen 2 inspired easter basket for more advanced readers!

Before Elsa was queen . . . she was a girl with magic! Elsa cannot wait to spend time at her family’s summer home and test her icy powers. But after a series of magical mishaps, Elsa begins to wonder if she has what it takes to one day become queen of Arendelle, or if her powers might be a curse after all. . . .

Before Anna saved Arendelle . . . she was a girl looking for a friend!Anna feels lonelier than ever when her parents go off on a trip without her. She imagines another girl her own age, Astrid, and sends her a letter. To her surprise, Astrid writes back! But as the two become friends, Anna begins to wonder if Astrid is closer than she first thought. . . .

What do you think of these Frozen themed easter basket ideas that are low on the candy but offers lots of activities and imaginary play instead? As a reminder, FROZEN 2 is currently available on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Download and can be streamed on Disney+.


frozen 2 inspired easter basket pin

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