Get Rid of These Items This Winter!

I never miss an opportunity to get rid of stuff when the seasons change. The end of summer it’s a good opportunity to make space for the cozy holidays. Here are 7 items to get rid of this winter!

1. Excess paperwork

Paperwork is one of the things that can stack up quickly.  Use your phone as a scanner and scan any important documents that you need.  Recycle the rest and make sure to look through junk mail, old birthday and holiday cards, etc.

2. Worn out Beach Toys and Towels

Animal shelters could always use old towels and beach blankets for their animal beds.  Recycle old sand buckets and shovels.  

3. Old Halloween Costumes and Decor

Donate those Halloween costumes and decoration items that you don’t need anymore.  Places like the Salvation Army and Goodwill take items year-round!

4. Summer Clothing That Don’t Fit or You Don’t Love

Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit first.  Then look carefully through your summer shoes, swimwear, and accessories.  Trim down what you don’t like or wear often.  Then pack everything away for storage until next summer.  Make sure you check out this article if you want some more tips on how to dress and build a wardrobe like a minimalist.

5. Dying plants

Nothing sucks the joy out of a space faster than a dead or decaying plant.  Trim what you can or consider composting foliage that can’t be brought back with some TLC.

6. Expired pantry items

To start, take out the majority of your pantry items.  Toss out expired spices and baking supplies.  Take note of what’s left and organize whatever you need for holiday baking.  

7.  Sports equipment

Go through summer sports equipment and toys.  Recycle or donate anything that didn’t get used.  This may give you new ideas for Christmas gifts for items that need to be replaced.


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get rid of these items winter

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