Great Wolf Lodge Manteca Day Pass (Read this FIRST Before Purchasing!) 2024

Now that Great Wolf Lodge Manteca has opened guests that don’t want to stay overnight can now experience the resort. Read on for the full breakdown on Great Wolf Lodge Manteca day pass plus some tips on what to bring for a day at the water park!

Great Wolf Lodge Manteca day pass and rooms

How Much do Great Wolf Lodge Manteca Day Passes cost?

Pricing for day passes depends on the day of the week, holidays, and demand. Day passes are priced between $50 a day up to $100 and the price is the same no matter what the age the guest is.  Passes are not required for toddlers 2 or under when accompanied by an adult pass holder.

For example, day passes for the memorial weekend were $100 but passes during the week were $50. The website has a calendar where you can check prices and it will also tell you if a particular day is sold out.

With a day pass you get the following:

  • Full access to the entire indoor water park
  • Free life jackets for all the family

With a day pass you can access the park at when it opens (usually 11am), and then have full access until closing time.

How to Purchase a Great Wolf Lodge Manteca Day Pass

To get a day pass guests to have to purchase online or by calling the main customer service number 800-905-9653. Currently, guests can’t buy one in person and the number of passes is also limited to prevent overcrowding.

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What to bring for a Day at Great Wolf Lodge Manteca

For a day at Great Wolf Lodge Manteca bring a waterproof tote bag, flip flops, and a swimsuit coverup if you plan on eating at the restaurants.

Great Wolf Lodge Manteca offers towels upon request but you might want to bring a few extra especially if the resort seems crowded. Great Wolf Lodge Manteca tends to overbook and the wait for food, towels, drinks, and pretty much everything is very long. Save time by planning ahead and bringing everything you need.

You cannot bring in food or drink with a day pass (where you can save on your food costs if you are staying in a room by bringing your own food and snacks). You can bring your cooler and keep it in your car and there are nearby restaurants that are decent to grab a bite to eat if you need a break.

I’d advise bringing your patience when visiting the resort. Several kinks need to be worked out, one being the lack of staff and the long wait times but if you plan accordingly a day visit may be the perfect option for your family!

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